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Aussies Living Simply

  • What a good find :clap: we always put our not needed goods on the verge with a sigh free and it alway goes in hours. I resent the rubish tips charging for what we take in for recicling. sometimes the prices are reasonalbe other times outragers, depends who is on duty. this way we hope everythng goes to good homes. we in turn have rehoused other…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Hi from Perth, WA in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years, 5 months ago

    Hi Michael

    welcome to ALS, we are getting a biger representation here in the west. how did you manage to get chooks in your back yard in Ellenbrook, Joondulup shire is a **** (not sure if we are alowed to swear on the forum):D
    the regulations of keeping chooks where we are are so ristrictive that most ordinary size blocks are too small to comply…[Read more]

  • hi and welcome Shelly, I am always impressed by people like you who bite the bulet and walk the talk. we lived in a 16 ft caravan for two years in Geralton, loved it and always wanted to do what you are doing, never got there. 🙁 now just doing my bit in the burbs. :tup:

  • wow thank you :tup: that is a briliant formila, I am going to try making it today. The tea is also unplesant to taste this way its made and of consistant strenght.

    will keep you updated on the usefulness and drinkability of the home made OLE. :wave:

  • thans for all the good sugestions, tea is good, but i foud i had to poun the leaves in a morta and pastel as just cutting them didnt release enough juce.dont know if its getting the goodnes out, maybe ceres your idea (although havent tried yet) makes a lot of sense at least if will feel like its doing me good. I will keep you informed on progress :metal:

  • hey everyone,
    not sure if this is a good place to place a question to all you knowelageble people but here it goes and if its wrong please let me know.

    I have been looking in to the benefits of olive leaf extract, having an olive tree in my yard I am reluctant to pay these prices if I can derive it from my own tree. does anyone out there know…[Read more]

  • hi bec
    just in from my shift, will be there tomorrow, looking forward to meeting you

  • Hi Becca

    saturday 23 is booked in my calender, sounds great. Ill bring some finger food to share and a folding chair. no extras just me.

  • Becca, Now you can let us know what day suits you best and what to bring, I am so looking forward meeting some ALS members, thank you for putting this together.

    not have used the email on this site, will you post your address on here or is there somewhere else to look in, (don’t want to miss it :geek:).

  • replied to the topic into from daksa in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years, 6 months ago

    Hi Ggang :wave:
    love lancelin we sometime go there for the weekend, and were at one stage tempted to get a block. But family responsibillities made it unfevarable.

    how do you guys do? can you grow anything in the sandy soil? :wave:

  • Hi Becca
    If you are keen to have it at your place and you think there will not be huge numbers, why not? we can all still bring to share and help with the clean up. then we can orginise to have a round robin and meet at different houses over the year so we can share our successes or works in progress. good to have ecouragement, suggestions and…[Read more]

  • Im really lost with him and i know others with children in general get like this but those with ASD children might get what what im saying re his behavour and meltdowns ect.

    hi gothic mama for life,
    sending you love and support in a form of white light, you have a very tough job caring for your DS1. I work and live with people with Autism as a…[Read more]

  • I have just come in from salveging what is left of my worm farm, 🙁 christmas day my wf which has been thriving for past seven years, and which has helped to start many friends wfs, was its usual busy happy self, today it is a smelly, wet, mostly dead mess. :@ :rip:

    somehow I managed to starve it of oxygen, how the hell did I do that??? all I…[Read more]

  • Hi Becca
    there is a nice park at Kent St Wier, Willson; pretty central and not too big so we can find each other. It has toilets, a good play ground for kids, tables under shade and the park is on Canning river with a small beach for bigger kids. lots of parking.

    Or if we don’t want near water Wireless Hill Park in Ardross just off Canning…[Read more]

  • Hi Rosy,
    love to do what you are doing, maybe one day as other family responsibilities are over.

  • replied to the topic What to plant in January in the forum Vegetables 10 years, 6 months ago

    thank you for your link Lyn, very useful information,

  • replied to the topic hi everyone in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years, 6 months ago

    Hi chopper65

    we were in Tassy last year, loved it, especialy shefield. Being a fellow sandgroper, living in Perth burbs, the contrast of the green to our dry and parched landscape was something of dreams.

    Good luck to you on your most wonderful adventure.

  • hi Abdullah

    There is nothing like being in touch with what earth offers us, all the best finding your peace of the good earth.

  • good morning Gothic Mumma

    you sound like a most wonderful earth mother, and I am totlay in ore of what you have acheived, I think you have gone past the dreaming, your goals are firmly set and you are well along the path.

    I hope the 30 mil lotto draw this saturday spills out your way, to fast track your journey. your passion is awsome. :tup: :clap::D

  • replied to the topic into from daksa in the forum Introduce yourself 10 years, 6 months ago

    I hope i will be free to get to the GT depending on my shift.

    My garden is work in progress, constantly changing as I learn and our needs change. It has had five big make overs in 17 years. I think this last one (8 months ago) is finaly what I want.

    Must say I am getting a lot of satisfaction from this garden that I never got before. made a…[Read more]

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