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  • Hi Susan :wave: hasn’t it been freezing the last few mornings.
    But such lovely lovely days. So nice that I am having trouble convincing the kids to keep their jumpers on.

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    Our pepino too gets a yellow colour with the stripes of purple on them. They seem to take a long time to reach ripening.
    i have found it also hates frost. It cuts the plant off at the ground, but it does reshoot in spring.
    Looks like you have a good crop there 😀

  • My boys use old 0000 & 000 baby clothes from op shops. Not as nice as lovely dolly dresses but they are not really into that :shrug: Do you knit, there is some lovely patterns online for knitted doll clothes.

  • I have some but I don’t know how they will go through quarantine :shrug: I am most happy to send them to you though.
    Comfrey seeds are very very hard to germinate, maybe if you could find some root pieces, they are much easier to grow from.

  • I lost 2 of my girls on Saturday night, one was headless and the other had a big bite taken out of her. We live in a large town and opposite us is a large parkland. I am thinking it was a fox that came up the gully. It is so frustrating! But I too will not dwell on it, I will just ensure the coop is safe for the other chooks.

  • I enjoyed the segment, it was short and how I wanted to see more of all the gardens. But hopefully it will stoke the fires in some bellies and get more people growing their own food.
    I too find it strange to think my backyard is becoming main stream… :confused:

  • GA just seems to have lost something for me too. I try to watch it each week, but usually only for the ‘edible plants’ segments or Josh. I too thought he would take over as host. Now he barely has a segment a month :tdown:

    Angus certainly makes us ‘struggling’ gardeners feel better, that it even happens to the pros!

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    My boys have an old fish tank with snails in it solely as pets. Currently we have snails 3 loose in the house – where they are I have no idea, they are such good escape artists. So I understand about them being all over the house 😆
    We often they paint their shells or put stickers on them. Oh and have snail races!
    I really don’t think I…[Read more]

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    Our beans (and half the garden) lhave holes eaten in the plants too from those damn grasshoppers.
    The ‘dead’ spots on the leaves might be a wilt virus. I know we have it too on our beans, I just avoid overhead watering to try and stop the spread.
    As long as they are still producing beans, it is abit late in the season to do much about the…[Read more]

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    How, how, how did I miss this thread? :shrug:
    I have serious envy at the moment, (who wouldn’t sitting in 32C+ heat with 2 grumpy kids…) :tdown:
    Looking forward to the next installment of this Tassie adventure!

  • Our local video store has them in the ‘tv series’ section. I have had them out a few times now 😉

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    marigold wrote:
    Daisy – someone else was talking about the ‘popping off’ problem, they said they used gap filler to glue them in place.:shrug:

    Can’t remember who said it unfortunately – Chezza maybe or Chester? Got that sort of name in the back of my mind – along with all the other important stuff that likes to play hide and seek:confused:

    I…[Read more]

  • If it is kikuya, cutting around the edges will not be enough, if it is already in your beds. It is almost like it seeks out moisture and will invade your gardens.
    We have it here and the only way I have beaten it, is to line my beds with plastic. (See scarecrows garden in the garden log for the design)
    Glysophate based products also work well,…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Sourcing Old Water Tanks in the forum Vegetables 12 years, 5 months ago

    Yep an angle grinder will work well. The edges are razor sharp though! I tried using a hose on the tops of our beds (I used old sheets of corrugate) but they keep popping off. I think I will have to drill holes in the side and zip tie the hose on…

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    I have black beauty too. The plant is huge! It produced masses of fruit until it succummbed to powdery mildew. It will definently be planted again next year.

  • I have started the boys bedroom, finally. One whole door (of a 3 door cupboard) is for next seasons clothes. Today I sorted that out. Each boy now has the next lots of clothes in marked boxes and I have a huge pile of clothes to give to lifeline and to our neighbour (she has 4 boys) so I hope she won’t mind some hand-me-downs…
    The rest of…[Read more]

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    Glad she is feeling better. Ours often get like that in the heat, there is one in particular that really seems to feel the heat.
    I treat them by putting a frozen bottle of water in the pen, its the most brillant site of them draped over the bottle ;). The guinea pigs love freezy bricks they lie on them with their little legs sticking out the sides.

  • This challenge is what I need. The boys room is overflowing with clothing, toys and goodness knows what else.
    I think I will start in there.

    My other issue is I need a larger set of draws for their clothes, the draws we have were ok when they were tots but now I can barely sqeeze half of their clothes in. And they (the kids and their clothes)…[Read more]

  • Thankyou again everyone for your lovely comments :shy:. I love seeing peoples pictures of what they are doing, so I feel it only fair if I share mine too. (I especially love when I see things I can use in my garden 😉 )

  • We have finally finished all 5 beds! I’d love to put a 6th in but 5 will do for now. The plastic lining is working very well to stop the weedy roots and kikuya that used to invade the vegetable gardens.
    It is also holding the moisture in the beds.
    Next up is a garden bed infront of the chook pen that will contain ‘chook food plants’ such as…[Read more]

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