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  • Living Simply is wringing the most enjoyment out of life possible.

    At 40 my ambitious career plans have given way to something with more meaning. I moved out of the highly cerebral job I was in and went into something that free’s my mind for hobbies and personal pursuits. My job, while not exciting and ambitious does give me headspace and time…[Read more]

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    I grew about 6 or 7 pear tomatoes at my mum’s house 5 or 6 years ago. I didn’t stake them and those suckers were huge, about 6ft each one. They ended up being a ground cover that went on for miles. We were still harvesting about a kilo a day off those bushes and didn’t once come across any rotten or eaten fruit even though they were prone. The…[Read more]

  • Love it! Things really are more simple than life makes out. I might give these a try at another time. My initial starter beds are made out of something different so this type of wicking bed will have to wait until next time. But it’s nice to know the DIY instruction is there. :clap:

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    Airgead post=337189 wrote:

    Bread….it’s over-rated, and over-priced.

    Sacrilege! Bread (good bread that is) is the food of the gods. Nothing beats a crusty loaf. Especially sourdough…

    I agree with you about the ‘good bread’ part Dave. Unfortunately my mother force fed all of us her homemade bread including sourdough. The problem is, she…[Read more]

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    Luckily I’m gluten intolerant. That means I just get nasty cellulite from it…. :laugh: So for the most part I don’t eat it. But every once in a while I get a hankering for eggs on toast. I got that hankering a few days ago and went to my local to buy a loaf. Well he rang up the price $5.60…. :jawdrop: We’re not talking posh Burgen or Lawson’s…[Read more]

  • Healthfood stores usually stock them. Take care though, a lot of vegetable butters are made by partially hydrogenating seed oil. The butter is not naturally occuring. Partially hydrogenated oils are deleterious to your health as they are trans-fats that do not behave like natural fats in the body. You could always use coconut oil or cocoa butter…[Read more]

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    My only hindsight tip is – start now, wherever you are.

    I’ve lived in my apartment for 4yrs and for 4yrs my balcony has been unused. I was one of those people always saying, well when I save up enough I’ll buy some land and then I’ll start. Not realising that my tiny balcony was enough real estate to start right now. Albeit on a small scale and…[Read more]

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    I haven’t seen it invasively spread out of control. It just ends up the size of a canna lilly pretty quick and is easy to propagate via division or taking root cuttings. I haven’t seen it naturalise without help. My neighbour (Sydney, with the most amazing permaculture jungle I’ve ever seen) started off with a single plant and has been dividing it…[Read more]

  • Queen Mab post=333920 wrote: What a find… I’m pretty damn jealous of that sewing machine right now!

    What is wrong with people? Time, I think, or perceived lack of it. Or just perception on it’s own, maybe they were given this by someone & thought “I don’t want this, nobody wants this…” – which is skewed & incorrect, obviously, but it’s all I…

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  • — Duped post… :shrug:

  • Thanks for the welcome. And sure, I’m running a photo diary of my progress on my blog anyway.

  • There isn’t a single book or even genre of literature that brings me here. It’s just a natural inclination within me. Being a shy retiring type gardens are a drawcard for me, so are lonely walks, growing stuff and other quiet pursuits. I’m fascinated by ecology and how the earth has everything upon it for our needs. Even though I live in the least…[Read more]

  • Another aviation person here. Except I’m a biscuit chucker, otherwise known as a flight attendant. I love this job for the shift work and ability to change your working patterns month by month. It also gives me a lot more ‘me’ time than office work. My work never comes home with me, once I step outside an airport my work has truly ended. It means…[Read more]

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    Comfrey is a very scary herb for me, purely for the fact that it grows so damn fast! You can plant it in the ground and 24hrs later it’s suddenly a hedge in your backyard… :ohmy: Not quite but it’s very fast growing. I got some comfrey root cutting off eBay for $5, and they were all sprouting roots in the bag when it arrived a few days later.…[Read more]

  • This site is really thorough and a great reference for weeds. I came across it this morning. It does into technical detail about how the plant reproduces and organic methods for getting rid of it. Unfortunately the prognosis for bindweed isn’t good as even a fragment of root left in the soil is enough to keep it going. Its a weed that only likes…[Read more]