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  • Let us know if it works for you! 🙂 I usually wait for 3 weeks and comb sex…

  • Hi Steve, I wouldn’t worry too much if the pullet is young, especially given that she’s not an ISA brown type hybrid. Pullets often lay double yolkers while getting into stride.

    My bird is doing it persistently, and as she’s an ISA brown and they’re prone to repro problems I think it’s a little more ominous.

    Later it may lead to massive eggs…[Read more]

  • Oh dear! I’m so sorry, goldstone.

    I’ve currently got one ISA brown who insists on laying double yolkers. It’s not a good sign in a pullet… Then again I’ve got one that’s been laying for 4 years without a drama.

    I hope you have more luck with your remaining chookens. It’s fabulous there was no more egg eating.

  • Oh! I haven’t checked ALS in a while, so missed these lovely replies.

    Funnily I’ve just finished putting a ‘how to’ dealing with egg eaters on the blog. I’ve run through the things you can do to stop it as well as some of the causes; I hope it helps someone (just go to the blog and type ‘egg eating’ in the search box). Sorry, I bet this is too…[Read more]

  • You do need to watch those sheep, with the merino blood. Merinos have a lot more skin folds than other sheep, though southdowns are cleaner-bodied. They can get fly blown in other creases besides the rear end when it’s been warm and damp.

    Sheep are hard work, but the wool is definitely a bonus if you do your own spinning (or know someone who…[Read more]

  • It seems very responsible of you to look into this before getting livestock. Hurrah!

    Good electric fences can be very useful (though hard to monitor frequently). I ran sheep and bred a handful of cattle on about 15 acres but it was all in good view of the house. Dingoes used to howl from the rainforest about 50 metres from the house, but I had…[Read more]

  • I think intestinal pain can cause that tail-down posture.
    I would have a good look to see that he’s passing droppings and that they’re normal. He may have some kind of blockage (e.g worms) or may have hurt himself in the rear end (e.g. landing heavily off a high perch).
    I’m definitely not a chook doctor… But he does look uncomfortable.

  • Hi COB, incubation is usually 21 days but can stretch out to a couple of days longer.

    You may see a couple of problems given where your hens have decided to sit. The first is that two hens being in the same nest is very likely to be a problem, unfortunately. What happens is that eggs under one hen often hatch first, then the hens compete to be…[Read more]

  • Thanks for that, Steve and goldstone! (Hey, you’re near me goldstone!)

    Afallon, at 4 weeks old those chicks will probably be pretty well feathered. But depending on how they’ve been raised they’ll probably still be a little vulnerable to cold. I’d play it safe and keep them warm for the next 2 weeks, e.g. give them a low wattage heat lamp or a…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Poisoned Wheat in the forum Vegetables 9 years, 11 months ago


    I’ve already gone off wheat; it was poisoning my chooks. It turned out to be full of mould toxins. The drought has made all our wheat more susceptible to mould by weakening the seed coat. Google aflatoxins and you’ll see what I mean… I only stored it for a few weeks and it was well stored here, but was obviously contaminated earlier (in…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Egg bound? in the forum Backyard livestock 9 years, 11 months ago

    Yikes, *don’t* insert anything… It can introduce germs and cause peritonitis.
    A warm bath can help relax muscles and let the egg down.

    Darkness will slow egg production and give the bird a chance, if she truly is eggbound.

    Sometimes by gently feeling around the pelvic area you can tell if it’s an egg stuck inside, but don’t press too hard or…[Read more]

  • It might be useful to do a proper audit of animal protein intake.

    Vitamin b-12 is necessary for gut lining health (and therefore has a part to play in resistance to worms). Chickens need protein from animal sources. However if insects are the only source of animal protein, you need to be sure there’s plenty of insects around.

    Chickens are very…[Read more]

  • Thanks everyone — I’ve never had a guinea pig before, so I’m totally smitten, but I have too many chicks and chooks to deal with.
    I’ve had some interest from nearby, so I think she’ll go to a good home. 🙂

  • Wow, great result from an ISA brown — I didn’t know they can go broody. You must have had everything just right for her. The chick in the last egg may have been a bit weaker; it’s sad but probably for the best.

    Nice looking rooster. :tup:

  • Oh, dear.
    When a chook gets a bloated abdomen, there are really only two possibilities that I can see.
    Well, maybe three.

    One (most common) is egg yolk peritonitis. This is relatively common among layer-bred birds like ISA browns, but can occur in any breed, particularly if they’re a little overweight (which predisposes them to laying trouble).…[Read more]

  • Hi brymark,
    I wonder if the current brown birds (maybe they’re hylines?) have been bred to be a bit nicer? Just look how dark the eggs are, as well — one of mine is laying eggs that are almost chocolate.
    Not bad birds, for $18!

  • Rats… My lovely malay boy has a recurring gurgle. He had it on arrival, but it went away after he settled in — now he’s got it more often than not. He’s getting a good high protein feed and daily fresh greens on top of the layer ration, so I’m starting to think I shouldn’t breed from him.

    Edited to say: I’ll leave things as they are for a bit…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Painting in the forum The Crafts 10 years ago

    :jawdrop: Really lovely work.
    I love the feel of the landscapes. There’s something really intimate about that Denmark one. I can almost feel the warmth of the grass.
    Ta for showing!

  • Thanks everyone for the brilliant ideas. I have to say (says a lot about me) the brandy mandarins sound nicest… But I couldn’t possibly consume as many as I’m growing. (At least I’d be in a good mood trying!) And the curd tartlets…

    Meanwhile I found the following website tip on another thread. It’s about home ‘canning’ (or bottling/jarring).…[Read more]

  • Wow, what a great shot… Is that near where you live, or was that a holiday trip?
    It looks like an utterly amazing spot.
    (I love fishing so the rod helps the ambience.) 😀

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