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  • Snakes have always been a problem and having building material on the ground was inviting trouble so as soon as the roof was up and we recovered from the work. I put in a request for a material storage rack, well that’s was what I asked forthen as we got about 3/4 of the way I throw in the second part of the request I wanted a animal housing shed…[Read more]

  • Good day, another update .. Still can’t believe the amount of work we managed to finish last Dec holiday. Just to mention a few, pulled of the old excuse for a roof and replace the trusses and put new colourbond sheets on half the cottage, that took 3 days for the two of us to do. The sheets over the kitchen and bathroom were 7.7 mtrs long and the…[Read more]

  • I have been watching the shows religiously, but don’t agree with the gun and ammo hoarding. Defense is good to have but there is no need to start a small war. As for Mr Wayne who got arrested shortly after the show cause he was making small expolsive devices. What a idiot, advertising it on TV dah.., I wpould have made them and shout my mouth…[Read more]

  • Hubby will be going on leave early this year, so that means we might be able to finish a few projects. We have had 2 trip up to the property since last I posted, off loading more building materials, a new glass shower screen, the bucket of waterproofing needed to do that job, 10 bags of mushroom compost, a few trees and plants and a heap of…[Read more]

  • chester replied to the topic How to Make Butter in the forum Dairy products 8 years ago

    A while back I bought a glass butter churn on Ebay,for just under $100, paid a bit much but I was desperate to have one. They work like a dream lots of elbow grease but if you have ya few willing kids to do the turning it’s a breeze :clap: the butter was wonderful!

  • Wow wow, is all I can say, this thread is still going after all this time. RW it’s good to see.
    My own prepping is still going, never stopped :tup: in actual fact now seems to be more urgent than ever before. Been watching Doomsday Prepper and I have the feeling we are still far behind some of those folks. Hubby actually watch last Sonday’s…[Read more]

  • chester replied to the topic Lavender Hill calling in the forum Property Tales 8 years ago

    Dec 21st, who knows Lady B, all I know I don’t want to be in the city I want to be on my own little corner of the world away from the city crowds and noise. My hubby goes on leave for a few weeks, and finally we might get a little work done around the place. Building materials are what we are focusing on carting up, company petrol covers most of…[Read more]

  • chester replied to the topic Lavender Hill calling in the forum Property Tales 8 years ago

    This weekend gone by saw the start of our new bathroom, washing in a round tub is not much fun nor is having to jump in the ute drive 5 mins to the public amenities. I want a bathroom with a working toilet.It’s not going to happen overnight but lets hope by the end of the year it will be sort of funtioning. And as the world moves closer to Dec 21…[Read more]

  • Hi Vanessa, I have a Sunbeam and slso find I need to swop trays around. Next time I would look at something else. Don’t know the fowler but the Excalibar is great I hear. :nice:

  • Hi everyone, just fall in the door here, hubby is type2 insulin dependant 12 yrs down the track our biggest concern is his feet. He has landed in hospital twice, first time they threatened to amputate, thank God we asked for a specialist, she saved him from that. Warning to always get another Dr to have a look as well. once a week footbaths in…[Read more]

  • What a great video!!! I think the longer we work at growing our own, the more we get involved in different venture, like worms, bees and water collection It is a livestyle!!

  • Gosh this is really an old thread! Anyway I just bought 9 X size 20 jars but don’t think lids, rubbers and clips come with the deal. Not in the picture or description but just maybe I get lucky. Any idea what size lids I wwill need for them?

  • Hi Girl Friday, we had the same problem with long grass, had to do two runs with the rideon to get it mowed. First a high seating, the second cut shreded it up nicely and I have just left it were it was. In the past we did rake and pick up, and carted it off to the corner of the property to compost away. Really it’s up to you I’d say. Just be…[Read more]

  • Wow has i really been 1yr 5 months since my last update …

    So much has happened New lambs this years, Miss Lashes gave birth to a strong little ram but she had no milk, so he went on the bottle, Mom just got sicker despite antibiotics and good care, lost all mobility and when there was no chance of her recovering, she become a case study at the…[Read more]

  • chester replied to the topic With hindsight in the forum This Simple Life 9 years, 1 month ago

    Hi Folks been a while, Wonderful post so thought i join in here. Yip we still plugging away at Lavender Hill, slowly but surely we getting there. Still in Sydney and trekking up to the property, not as much as we would like. I say it’s got a lot to do with us being on acerage here in Sydney and having a fair bit of animals to take care of already.…[Read more]

  • I have black orpingtons, they are big good natured birds, and lay good sized eggs. Roosters are not aggressive. Very happy with my choice.
    And then 39 meatbirds for my freezer and a few customers.

  • Our lambs and mums have a pen to sleep in too, this year we will also be running a spotlight onto the pen, just trying to deter the foxes. There is a fox that has his eye set on my meat chooks and layers, he’s brave and even comes around early morning after the sun’s up. He killed 2 of our landlords hens and 3 of my bantam chooks the last…[Read more]

  • Our supplement is made up of 1 bag lucerne chaff/1/2 bag oaten chaff/ 1/2 bag stud mix for horses it’s got molasses and oats in it. A lick block when I remember to get one. We got 11 sheep atm and 5 lambs due within the next month. Don’t buy the nut anymore. I do dry old bread in the oven, from the bakery for them as a treat. Very spoilt sheep.…[Read more]

  • Only just caught up with this thread again. Was suppose to go to the farm for the last few weeks but everytime something happens, now it’s raining again. would be OK but we need to unpack the container, sort out and condense. PM your details Gartenfee, maybe we can get together sometime. Tipsiepixie, honey I get there with the chooks soon. Don’t…[Read more]

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