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  • Before modern times and the wonderful “chick starter” we always fed our chickens on boiled eggs, chopped up parsley, and if that was not available, it was lettuce or anything green. We always added crushed egg shells or sand.
    After a week or so they enjoyed uncle toby’s oats with whatever greens and the egg shells or sand. Then they went onto…[Read more]

  • Yep, I think I have come up with a new weight reduction plan,
    join your local rural fire brigade.
    Not only does it keep your mind active, you learn tolerance when strange people rush up to you using the f word asking about your competence while you are trying to save their house!
    I can vouch for 10 and 12 hour shifts, days at a time, to knock the…[Read more]

  • Now 74.7
    Nothing like days of fire fighting to knock the fat off you!!

  • You know what really frightened me?
    The thought of a stroke.
    A heart attack, which hopefully killed you outright, fair enough.
    But to be dependant on others leaves me cold – I have done far too much nursing for the elderly to kid myself in that regard.
    I am kidding myself when my weight has usually been under 60 kg for most of my life and ended up…[Read more]

  • What a great idea ROBYNE and extremly welcome.
    I have just discovered my blood pressure which was 120 over 60 is now 142 over 99 and have been told to “get the weight off real fast and up the exercise”.
    As I live on my own you are accountable to no one and I find it very difficult to keep on going without a “buddy”.
    I will start on the 1st of…[Read more]

  • I found when I fed my chooks laying pellets, which are full of meatmeal and such, I not only had flies but they were smelly to boot.
    I only feed mixed grain now and problem solved.

  • I soak cow manure and then it crumbles up nicely.
    To this I add about 50% perlite, just to make it a little more light and fluffy.
    Always add the blood and bone.
    Have not had that much of a problem with weeds but if a few come up I just tweek them out.

  • What an interesting thread.
    Thought I was the only one thinking along the lines of survival if the worst came to the worst. I might add I have been seriously thinking of this since the 1980’s.
    In the late 1980’s I had the opportunity to put into practise my survival plan.
    I can tell you right now it is no piece of cake and the only saving grace in…[Read more]

  • Until recently I only hunted with a .22 but have since upgraded to a .223. I do have the old rabbit traps but am loath to use them as at my age I consider trapping cruel.
    I now consider a rifle (.223) and a net (fishing) the way to go for survival hunting and quite confident that I could feed myself no worries at all.

  • Thanks for that website BULLSEYE.
    I see you come from Qld. Do they have a similar site?

  • replied to the topic Poultry breeds in the forum Backyard livestock 12 years, 1 month ago

    I rent and have 6 Pekins, one being a rooster.
    They are a bit of a dead loss as far as many eggs go but they do a wonderful job in the compost bin.
    I was given these (they needed a home) but I would love to get bigger better chooks so I am very interested in suggestions made.

    SHADOWDANCER Pekins are the quietest chooks, don’t fly and look very…[Read more]

  • Have had a little bit of success.

    These people own 3 little horses.

    They must have seen me dealing with the little horse and its halter as
    now all horses are in their front yard and ALL the halters are off.

    I have delt with these people before re animals and I can assure you I am not a politicaly correct person – far from it.

    I have involved…[Read more]

  • ROADWARRIER could I suggest you get in touch with the NSW HUNTING & CONSERVATION PROGRAM.
    They are with the SSAA and their address is:-
    PO Box 1001, St Marys, NSW 1790

    I have been hunting since I was 14 (now 59) and properties are very difficult to come by now a days.
    I have joined the Qld branch and quite frankly you could do as much hunting as…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Quails in the forum Backyard livestock 12 years, 2 months ago

    MARIGOLD it isn’t just the snakes you have to worry about re the size of the netting. If you are breeding them they are such tiny litttle creatures you need tiny gauge wire to keep them in.
    Years ago we used gauze about two foot up the bird netting.
    With my last lot of quails I was able to buy “snake wire” which was squares of 5mm and that did…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic My Maremma plan in the forum Backyard livestock 12 years, 3 months ago

    I brought in a stray old dog, Kelpie Coolie cross. There was no problem at all, if anything Minty appreciated the chance to have another animal to “look after”.
    The only trouble you run into is if you bring in a puppy Maremma as it will learn from the older dog eg. if you have a blue heeler which is forever chasing the cattle the Maremma will copy…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic My Maremma plan in the forum Backyard livestock 12 years, 3 months ago

    Hi Mark,
    I have had Maremmas for the last six years. ROOGZ has hit the nail on the head with advice but please do plenty of research before you go into this breed. They are a very specialized working dog and it would break your heart to see so many in the Maremma Rsecue. They are not a “pass on dog” and full credit to Roogz that Tesa is such a…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Quails in the forum Backyard livestock 12 years, 3 months ago

    MARIGOLD I found quails to be just like mini chooks. The scratched about like a chook and loved my landscaped area I had for them eg. they ate all the plants! They did love a dust bath and a joy to watch.
    I got alot of enjoyment watching them and they became very quiet, would rush up and stand on your foot when you had meal worms, their…[Read more]

  • Not real familiar with dishwashers as to where their drain holes are situated but I have used old fridges, freezers, tipped on their backs, drain hole drilled and available space made into a worm farm.
    Out of the drian hole comes the wonderful worm pee.
    I even have a plastic pink pig childs toy box with worms living happily in it.

  • No they aren’t hard to keep, especially the way I do it as I run a sanctuary for unwanted guineapigs and they run free.
    They boys have their own paddock and so do the girls as I do not breed.
    I have a Maremma guarding the lot. Without her I could not have them running free.
    I find them very handy little critters.
    They line up at the vegie garden…[Read more]

  • Thanks everyone:clap:

    Reading all your comments made everything so much easier in gaining an understanding and what questions I had to ask.

    Sentricon was used in the trenches and is a miteicide. Similar to chemicals used to backline animals, so that was not a problem.

    The Termidore which was foamed into the parts where the termites were has to…[Read more]

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