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    thanks Lizzie
    I didn’t know it keeps on producing, since one of my daughters planted it and claims it’s her’s, I’ll leave it in & see what happens. Should I remove any of the leaves?

  • …oh, and Peak-a-boo girl (yes I got up close & personal for this one!)

  • …and here’s Princess Layer

  • Hi all
    Finally got around to getting the broody box set up, Princess Layer is getting more bossy by the day, I think she might almost be ready, will try to trick her with some fake eggs.
    Here’s the broody box…

  • I’ve got 6 girls. 4 of whom I’ve had for about 6 week, got them from a free range egg farm, they were a bit scrawny at first, but they have improved heaps. They are called Eenie, Meenie, Minie & Moe (named by my 8yr old daughter). They are incredibly tame, they like to come in the house & seem to enjoy a cuddle, one thinks she’s a rooster.

    The…[Read more]

  • I agree, blood tests were what confirmed it for me, but sometimes it doesn’t.

  • Hi Deb
    I’d really love to come but Saturday mornings aren’t good for me, my girls have swimming lessons. Where abouts in the Tamar are you? I’m an ex Lton girl.

  • ok, I’ll confess, I didn’t build it, my husband did, he’s pretty handy, and my little girls painted it. The house is actually sitting on an old fish tank stand, so I probably should have titled it Dog/Chook/Fish House! I’ve also got a ‘new’ broody box, (which I did ‘build’), I’ll take a photo this weekend. It cost me a bit, a whole $5 from the tip…[Read more]

  • Hi there
    I invented this last weekend (no butter, oil or eggs)

    1 c Wholemeal SR Flour
    1 tbs raw sugar
    1 tbs honey
    1 c soy milk
    1 c mixed dry fruit/nuts seeds (cranberries, goji, sultanas, mango pepitas, rough chopped almonds/cashews) (anything works well)
    1 c rolled oats

    Mix all together, press into lined tray, bake 180C for about 20mins.
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  • Hi all
    I was diagnosed with LSA earlier this year. I’ve always had Raynauds & lots of skin rashes/headaches/body aches/fatigue/hair loss, been to lots of doctors without any success (I hear what your all saying, it’s very frustrating). I too have experienced my whole body seizing up & being unable to move, it’s very scary.

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  • Hi there everyone, I’m new to ALS & trying to attach an Avatar, can’t seem to get it to work!
    Anyway, I live at Tinderbox, just south of Hobart on 5 acres of bush. I love veggie gardening, cooking & my latest hobbie is backyard chickens – they are so funny. I’ve got 6, one thinks she’s a rooster & sits at the front door each morning to ‘wake’ us…[Read more]