Aussies Living Simply

  • Thank you, BB and Humbug. I missed the reference to my species change but must say that being a goose would be preferable to being some humans….


  • BB, I have just spent a fruitless 30 mins trying to find a contact for Mauzi, to access her books. I am wondering if you could help me also.

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    Hi Everyone, I have been lurking for a while and have decided to show my face at last….
    We are just going thru major changes…New Beginnings, we are calling it….owing to a failed business and redundancy. We have been living on 15 acres in SI of NZ but have to sell up to cover debts. Losing virtually everything….
    On the positive side, we…[Read more]

  • Hi, haven’t posted before but been coming over for a browse for a while. Living in NZ altho spent 15 years in Vic to 2001.
    This challenge comes at a very opportune time for us. Have owned the book for a number of years and love the philosophy….just need the push to put it into practice… we are in