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  • G’day, I have some seeds for Glaskins perpetual rhubarb. It’s not as red as some others, but very prolific. Seed seemed to come up okay. Just email me with a postal address?, and all will be well.
    I don’t ‘spose ya need any tomato seed, or sunflowers?.
    Let me know, adam x x

  • Thanx all. I did go to SLEX this year. I was on the permaculture stand, and the sustainable living stand.
    Saw a lot of good stuff. Jerry coleby-williams was really good, but I did want to hear more about living in a frosted environement. But he doesn’t , so I ‘spose that’s okay. Lots of good tips though.All those in the area are welcome to email…[Read more]

  • Tomato seed will last and be viable for ten years or more if the seed has been fermented when collected. I’ve grown seed which is twenty years old. Germination rates do go down after five years or so, but Diggers don’t sell five year old seed, I don’t think.
    Cucumbers tend to only last about three years or so.
    Can’t say I’ve had a bad experience…[Read more]

  • replied to the topic Purple Produce Challenge in the forum Vegetables 12 years, 8 months ago

    I have a purple russian tomato. Much more robust than the black one. No seed however , but the guy who grew it got seed from greenharvest. I also have the purple cauli seeds.
    Will put them in the seed swappy thingy. cheers.

  • Is this still going begging?. An amazing series, but I could never get hold of it.
    How do I go about it?. OOOOh OOOOOH , I’m so excited.