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    Hi katerina!

    My poor belgium chooky had the same symptoms,i really thought she was egg bound 2,she was eating lots though.

    I took her to the vets,they felt around and could not feel an egg,which if egg bound they said you would feel it or see it.

    She ended up having x-rays,vets were keen to find out as they did not have a great deal of knowledge on chooks!

    No egg but a very big big intestine that was infected,she went onto antibiotics and a big dose of worming.

    She was sick for 2 weeks,was not fair and had her put down.

    The infection in which she had was common in chooks,cant remember what it was sorry!!!!

    Just keep an eye on your little chooky,i don’t want to scare you,fingers crossed it is nothing to serious.

    All the best

    cheers jess …..


    Hey peoples!

    I have finally found a beautiful red buff silkie!!!!!!:clap:


    I thought i may be the only one with a crowing hen!!!! If i don’t get out early enough to feed her ,she lets me know with a crow here and a crow there:lol:


    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all your help,in finding info on silkie breeders.

    I just could not find any of the right age,then i found a breeder of Belgium Bantams,she actually had silkies but to young.

    I fell in love with the belgiums and brought 2 girls home,they are beautiful.

    thanks again peoples.:D


    How exciting!!!!

    Good luck with your little gems!:D


    Well,i’m loving my little chookies,bloody dags they are!

    Poppy and Lucy are fitting right in with the family.They are so friendly and silly,one is 5 weeks and the other is eight weeks,and they look after each. I can’t wait to see the amazing colours they will be when they are older,I’am so glad i went with the belgiums rather than the silkies or bantams,although i do like them as well.

    I recommend them to anyone who wants a little friendly chook.

    Thanks peoples :tup:


    I have been told you can’t make them go,they will let you know when they are ready.

    Iam still waiting for my son Angus who is 2 to let me know.

    Any given chance of running nude,which is once a day,he is out the door and squatting like my little dog,it is driving me crazy. He just won’t use his potty.:confused:


    Hi guys,

    still no luck,i have spoken to some breeders, but they only have older hens,iam after 2 girls but around 5-7 weeks,i want them for my son so he can tame them from a young age.

    HUMBUG-do you know if your friend has chicks?

    GIANNA-thanks for your info maybe i will go for a drive over to baxter,and check it out.

    There are the Yarra Glen poultry auctions easter monday that could be possibly have silkies.

    thanks everyone.:)


    Hi purrsikat,

    yeah we are both in the same boat,i have been on the internet hours on end trying to find breeders for silkies and now looking for pekins,but no luck.

    i have decided to go to a couple of poultry auctions,just to see what i may come across.

    There is a helpful website with chooks all over the states 4 sale i think if you google farm stock you may find the web page,i have lot track of all the websites,but good luck i think it is just wrong timing.



    Hi kristy,

    I have been searching for silkies 4 the last 2 weeks,phoning around and emailing breeders,not alot of responses.

    I’m on the mornington peninsula in vic.:D

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)