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  • Thanks Anne. The worst thing I think is that we were quite prepared to wait, at least earlier on, as we do live about 3-4 hours from their head offfice in Hastings. Edward is an engineer,and was offering to do some of the work himself if it didn’t impair the warranty. The neighbour had an excavator on hire, and we could have paid for a hour or…[Read more]

  • We have had our A&A system for 4 years, trying to get it serviced since the 9 month mark has been impossible, we were always told that there was nothing that could wrong. Now it isn’t draining at all, our worms by the way haven’t been seen in residence since the 9 month mark, but A&A said that the worms will return blah blah…
    After the first…[Read more]

  • We live in Central Victoria, A&A assured us 4 years ago they would put in our system, (they did) then do the visits as set out in the EPA requirements, (they didn’t).
    If you have problems with this company, go to your council’s environmental health officer.
    24th June…..I have removed the rest of my post as I notice that Worm Farm Waste…[Read more]