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    Don’t usually have a xmas tree as I don’t usually spend xmas at home. But did buy a Woolemi Pine in a pot this year so this might be the first xmas tree! 😀


    We have a fake thing from the shops (our other 2nd hand one we had for donkeys yrs fell apart and we tried the real tree thing in a pot and it died every winter so we tried the real chopped off tree and MESS and Smell so……)

    We make most of our own decorations. We reuse ones the kids made yrs ago and talk about the events at that time as we do. We have a strand of lights on the tree and usually we put fairy lights around the garden as well. Yes I know no one else except us can see them but it gives off the right type of energy;)

    One yr we got really adventurous and made streamers from magazine strips stapled into circles and interlocked with the next one – looked great too!

    I don’t want to put up the tree this yr cos DD wont be here and she was always the most excited and most ‘into’ it than the boys were. But I guess all things change:(


    I’ve been dubbed the ‘demented Christmas Fairy’ in my family :shy: But that’s OK… because after 5 years of doing the handmade xmas prez thing, the extended family has finally jumped on board. This Christmas the whole extended family is doing hand made!! yay!

    I just lurrrrve this time of year :hug:

    We have a real tree… I just love the smell and how it creates an instant ‘atmosphere’ of Christmas.

    I’ve hand felted a Christmas angel and a little nativity set… very basic… but the kids love it… it’s an interactive nativity… every year at the start of advent they can set Mary and Joseph on their journey with the donkey through the house, til they arrive in their little stable, next to the Christmas tree… and to see the look of delight on their faces when the baby Jesus is in the cradle come Christmas morn… There’s nothing better. 😀 They re-enact the christmas story and get a true sense of meaning, appreciation and reverence for why it is that we celebrate this day.

    Hubby’s getting a cray license this year, we’re off to some old ridgy didge beach shacks the week before xmas… fishing, chuck a few pots in, barbies and good stout… both our families have ‘issues’ haha and gatherings are always a drama, so we thought we’d have some lovely time away first, just kids and us and beach, then back to the rat race for xmas day (hopefully with an armload of fresh crayfish.)

    I’m off to make soap and bath soaks now… getting prepared early. That’s the key I rekcon… get it all sorted out, then have a good ol ‘knees up’ and enjoy the season for what it’s meant to be. Love Light Hope and sharing good times with good friends and family.


    Happy festive season preparations everyone.


    we have always done the real tree thing since we were married. We usually head out to the tree farm and al la griswald style wander about and find the perfect tree. Due to the drought last year we were lucky to get a decent sized one and this year there will be a shortage! We have quite large eucalyptus trees growing which get a trim every now and then so we are planning to use a large branch and decorate in an aussie bush style! :tup:


    last year we decorated a live Norfolk pine in the backyard and set up a picnic and all the presents underneath it, we spent all day outside and it was lovely 🙂

    we’ll be doing the same again this year (once we move the kids tent out from under the tree 😆 )


    Yes a real bush christmas has tin cans of red-tipped new gum growth set along the table … I might try that next year.


    My Auntie used to get a dead gumtree branch, spraypaint it with that silver frost paint that goes on metal, put it in a big pot of sand and decorate that. The funny part was, when my sister was married, she did the same thing to a clydesdales horseshoe and my poor sister ended up with bruised shins from being dinged every time she danced with the thing hanging from her arm!! But my Aunty Bett is an original….:lol:

    I put big bunches of gum tips all through the house at Christmas, this is a tradition from Mum’s side of the family and I think they look and smell great. I put them in galvanised buckets with ribbons around the bucket and always have one in the fireplace and one in the kitchen, then everywhere else I can find an empty spot. I have also been known to raid the local flowering gums on the nature strips in town 😡 (6am Christmas morning) so I can have a vase of flowers as a centrepiece.:lol:


    We purchased a plastic Xmas tree from Kmart 20 odd years ago and every year DW goes thru the ritual of decorating that miserable thing and making the place feel ‘Chrismassy”

    However this year that sorry tree will really mean something because of two very special reasons.

    One is that DD won’t be here to celebrate Xmas with us. She is currently volunteering her time with an organisation that assists with the delivery of an AIDS/HIV programme to people displaced on the South African/Zimbawean border.

    The conditions these poor b—-s have to live under is beyond belief, and all the hype that the media is feeding thru about a turnaround in Zimbabwe for the better is a load of pure bulls

    t. DD has comitted to stay until her visa expires in April , so the fact that her presents won’t be under the tree this year will be of special significance.

    The second reason will be that DS won’t be here on Xmas day either.

    He has been up north “ringing” on a cattle empire up in the Gulf country for the last 8 months. He’es promised to be home just after Boxing Day for a couple of weeks, but I don’t think we’ll be seeing a lot of him whilst he’es home, because he goes onto CFA strike team roster two days after getting home.

    So the old “plastic” X mas tree has taken on a new meaning for us this year. But then I’m MIGHTY PROUD OF MY KIDS :tup:



    Gringo what wonderful kids!!

    I have 2 trees a manufactured tree for indoors so there is less mess and as we have a wonderful outdoor room where the grand family gathering will be there will be a live tree branch. The last couple of years we had strong winds about a week before Christmas so I used a branch of Australian native that had been twisted off. I do all the decorating sometimes with the help of a grand child or two so the non breakable decorations are on the outside tree and the special and glass ornaments are on the inside tree. I always make at least 1 new decoration each year and sometimes also buy something if it catches my eye.



    :hug: G :kiss1:


    Oh Gringo, your DS and my DD do the same work!!! They go so far away for so long don’t they? My DS is finishing her fourth year and has more scars, bumps and dodgy joints than most people ever get! If your DS needs a drafting saddle she has one for sale..! The funny thing is, while its a huge area up there, most people know each other or have mutual aquaintences. But I digress!!

    I gave in and bought a white plastic tree which should last a long time.

    The house we are moving to has a big enclosed sunroom across the back so I think it may be the xmas tree/present spot. At the moment I have visions of xmas comprising of packing boxes and a ham sandwich!:lol:


    Yep, once i have the house up and running it will be a plastic tree for me – less mess, and you can arrange the branches to suit the decorations rather than the other way around. Will have to keep a closer eye on the dog though :lol::lol::lol:

    To be fair to him, I was house-sitting a friend’s cat who was spraying on the tree also, so that was probably the trigger that set him on the downward path. Still, a plastic-lined tree skirt should do the trick in terms of protecting the floor if all else fails.


    Maybe it wasn’t too fake looking after all HBG!!!:lol:

    I figure this one will eventually “ugly out” rather than wear out – a bit like the old nylon carpets!:rip: When its beyond house duties I will put it outside and grow something over it as there is metal under the plastic. :tup:


    We don’t have the room for a full-sized tree, and we’re not big celebrators of Christmas (we usually go to the inlaws on the day anyhow), so our tree is just a small (15cm high) fake tree in a pot. Being small means it doesn’t need many decorations – some handmade fairtrade fabric stars and some bits I made myself from leftover polymer clay.

    That, and the Christmas cards, are the only signs that the season has arrived at our place. We usually just stand all the cards on the TV cabinet, but now that we have a rambunctious young cat in the house I’ll have to find somewhere else to put them 😆

    We have got a huge pine of some sort growing by the fence – I’ve suggested jazzing that up with outdoor lights but aside from the electricity waste, we don’t have outdoor power points (unless I could find solar lights).


    I sooooo love christmas, I can’t help it I’m a real kid….I still get up very early every Christmas morning to open the prezzies, with a cup of tea and a home made fruit mince pie (i’ve done that since I was small child). Last year I was up before my 5yr old (“your up early mum, did you see santa go?” ) 😆

    I have an old plastic christmas tree that I got about 20 years ago. I drag it out every year on 1st December and put it up with the odd assortment of trinkets that I have gathered over the years both handmade and bought.

    Last year I got really crafty the week leading up to the 1st Dec. and made a lot of the christmas decorations with my little boy. Popcorn on strings, decorated Biscuits, bundles of dried orange & cinnamon and paper chains. Even though I was a lot of fun, I don’t think I will be doing that this time though I don’t seem have the time or energy this year.

    I have a tip for those with plastic trees – I have a small bottle of Pine Ess.Oil, I put a few drops on my tree to make it smell extra Christmassy.

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