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    As it is getting close to Christmas, I thought I would ask:

    What type (if any) of Christmas tree is used in your house?

    Is the decorating done by the whole family or does it fall to one person to set up the Christmas tree?

    We have no tree at the moment as the horrid old plastic one (it was so old it was falling apart) finally got too much for me and I disposed of it.



    We do the usual – kids and I drag the xmas stuff out of shed, I set up the plastic green tree for kids and let kids go crazy with decorating it on 1st Dec or thereabouts when possible (or when kids harrassed me!).

    I usually would buy an ornament from the Hallmark’s but I’ve stopped now cos its all just crap now. I haven’t bought anything for a couple of years now. Decided that I’d make some and get kids to create some too.

    I’d like to have a real pine tree but DH doesnt like the smell. Tree usually sit in the play corner where there’s room for pressies to put under.

    My sister’s trying to convince me that I should host a large family xmas party this year… :confused: meaning including both sides of family (DH’s and mine). Am still thinking on it.

    Will see if I’ve got a photo of it last year.

    I bought mine post xmas special sale from Target or Myer I think about 5 years ago. I am not a big xmas fan so always try to go in simple fashion… :shrug:

    Buy one that is not too heavy but strudy enough to handle some weights. I’ve got one that has more plastic ‘pines’ than plastic ribbons if this make sense?

    Anyway… there’s so many fab ideas online like stencil of xmas tree on wall and stick ornaments on the wall around and on the ‘tree’ – fab space saving idea.

    Cheers! :hug:


    I am not a christmassy person at all so if I can get away with not putting up a tree then I won’t. I also throw away christmas cards as soon as I have read them and don’t send any out.

    But this year seeing that my almost 3 year old grandson will be here for chrissy I am going to put it up. I would do just about anything for him.:kiss:

    I have a plastic one which is actually quite good once it is decorated.


    Oohh, never thought of a wall stencil! The kids want a white plastic tree:jawdrop:, but I guess as its plastic there isnt much point in pretending its a real tree! My mother always tries to get me to chop down some poor innocent pine tree but I refuse – by always I mean EVERY year we have that conversation!:mad: I have ornaments that my parents had when I was a child, so will hang them, but I also have stopped buying expensive decorations as the quality isn’t there.

    I have refused to participate in the xmas dinner get-together and we are staying home:uhoh: I am not popular but at least I will still be sane!!:lol:


    I fluctuate wildly depending on my mood and workload in the lead-up to Christmas. This year, obviously, no tree. Last year, no tree but lights at the window, year before lights and stencils, year before that nothing as I was in the process of moving to the UK. year before that full-on tree, but the dog decided to pee on it (it was standing on fitted carpet:rip: ) so it was pulled down before Christmas day …. you get the idea. I do, usually at least have cards displayed though in these days of e-cards that is becoming more difficult so most come from businesses that want my money


    We haven’t had a tree for years. Not because we don’t like Christmas, but because we aren’t home for it anyway.

    We do Christmas Eve at my parent’s place with my family. Mum has a tree that you set up and it has lights built in – so we don’t really decorate it. That just leaves more time for eating and drinking.

    We do Christmas Day at DW’s parent’s place and they have an old plastic tree with old decorations on it.

    Seeings as I’m leaving on Boxing Day this year, we won’t have decorations or anything for Christmas. But we do both really love it (it’s my favourite holiday of the year)


    We have a real tree, that yes, shock horror was cut down from the side of the road (around here they are classed as weeds and sprayed) but for the last few years I have bought one from our local market, or CFA and they are beautifully shaped and smell like Christmas. Its not xmas until we can walk into the house and smell it. I made a vow years ago to my older boys that I would never get a plastic one, and so I havent. The girls help to decorate the tree with some help from the boys, I buy a few new balls and bits of tinsel probably every second year. We have the lights on it as well, and I have taken a photo every year since my eldest was born (18 yrs) of the kids sitting under the tree, xmas morning. We have lunch with MIL a week or so before xmas in Melb, and lunch with my family on the day, and tea with Cousins, Aunts and Uncles. A big day with lots of delicous food and great company.:tup: for Christmas.

    ps I just received my xmas present from

    DH on the weekend. a tiller for the veg garden.:metal:


    Oh, busylizzie, I am not against anyone having a real tree, its just that there aren’t any here and even if there were some available, I am on my own with my kids so its not something I could easily manage. When I was a child we cut a branch from our own pines in the farm garden every year and that is why my Mum nags me – she lives in Melbourne now so they don’t put up a live tree as they come home every xmas. When all Mum’s grandkids were little she would organize us all to go out and get a live tree from someones place but its just not practical for me – can’t fit a tree into a Hyundai Getz!!:uhoh:


    We had a real christmas tree for 30 years, but for the last 6 a good quality looks like pine one, that all folds up. I also have swags of pine draped around the top of cupboards from which tiny birdhouses are hung probably about 100 of them that hubby made.:kiss:

    Everywhere is many years collection of Country looking Santas and snowmen and mini trees popped about. Its really full on, and every year I think of cutting back. At least this year I am trying to sell off the cloth santas that I have made so thats a start.:clap:

    Also I was aiming to have only santas decorating the tree but with sister staying here waiting for the tenants to move out in her new house, the lounge is full of her stuff so I dont know where the tree will go or the decorations for that matter.:tdown:

    17 for lunch tho.:D

    When I was little after our house burned down at 5, and dad was building us a new house,my mum painted a lovely branch gold in a big flower pot, and hung from it strips of beads and all sorts of things, it was lovely and I have always remembered it.:tup:


    I have never bothered with a tree until last year.

    Gus and Sam were 3 and a half – so thought I had better make an effort 😆

    I got a real one and I hated and despised the thing!! So messy!!!!!

    This year we will be buying a good old plastic one – I suppose I better start looking for one pretty quickly:o


    For the last few years we have used real trees – we get them from my mum’s bushcare group. They remove radiata pines that find their way into native vegetation from the pine plantations you see on the way to the Sunshine Coast.

    She can usually fit a few small ones in the passenger seat of a Corolla and you’d be doing your local bushland a favour if you can find one to take home 🙂

    As for the decorating, I’m not much of a decorating person so I produce the box of decorations and let the kids have free reign!


    I love Christmas. It gives me an excuse to kill a radiata pine. They are a pest here in Tasmania…



    I lurve xmas and we always have a real tree. You could dub me Clark W. Grizwald…. 😆

    They are weeds here and we have a couple of properties nearby that grow them for a bit of extra cash and weed removal (different places) I don’t care about the mess…. it smells great!


    bluezbandit wrote:

    I love Christmas. It gives me an excuse to kill a radiata pine. They are a pest here in Tasmania…


    :clap: 😆


    😆 at xmas tree as weed to eradicate!

    How would we know if the cutoffs sold as xmas trees are treated as weed around here if Scouts sell them? Just wondered how one will know they’re helpin..

    Cheers! :hug:

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