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    Tamandco wrote:

    The fact that we expend so much as we live and breath goes to show how much we cost to exist. More than affordable? Or more than the planet can bare?

    The fact that basic existance is such a challenge tells us something. Does it not?

    I couldn’t agree more, It tells us a lot, particularly about how society programs us from birth.

    I think that it is admirable that such a big group of us have realised the error of our ways and are endeavouring to change our learnt behaviours :tup:


    I’m with you Kirsty, stuck at decluttering.

    I’ve been reading bits of this challenge to my Dh and explained that step 1 was working out what you’ve earned and what you’re worth, step two was decluttering, and step three your true hourly worth his response….”oh did you skip step two? ” shows how much of my decluttering I’ve achieved :confused:

    I’ll just keep plodding along with it at least I can see I’m getting somewhere.


    Shangri LaShangri La

    The decluttering is a slow process here too. The best idea I find is to tell myself I have to get rid of say 5 or 10 things out of a particular room, box or whatever so that even if that only amounts to 10 pieces of paper it’s better than nothing and once I get started I usually manage to do a bit more than my minimum quota. I do the same thing with my kids and DH but it’s usually 5 ‘things’ that they have to tidy up. Now I just have to work on doing my minimum quota thing more often….


    Hey Suz, I haven’t posted here of late – just letting you know that I’m still in the challenge and have been working through Steps 1 and 2. I have moved to step 3, and am still in process of decluttering. The whole “money = life energy” perspective really makes you appreciate every cent. When i analysed my hourly rate for work, I didn’t do too bad (no uniform required, live a few minutes away etc), however I think if I analyse my occasional ebay selling sprees, my hourly rate is probably $2! 😆


    Well I’m still going too. De-cluttered and reorganised all the laundry and still working on the wardrobe.

    I also received by book in the mail so starting to read through that as well.

    Hows everyone else doing?


    Excellent work!

    I am working on a post for Step 3. And madly decluttering, still….


    Yeah, it seems your in good company with the decluttering!


    I am still plodding along, in fact I have gone back to re-do step 1 because I felt I skimmed over it too much.

    Working out more than 35 years of every dollar we ever earnt is painfully slow.

    My nett worth turned out to be more than I thought it would be which was a nice surprise.

    The decluttering was easy as I am a pretty tidy person so I didn’t have much to go through and only found 2 small bags of things to donate.

    This challenge is even more importnat to me now as my DH resigned from his job today so in 4 weeks time we will be living off just my casual income.

    The thing that surprises me is that I’m not even worried about it, I feel confident we will cope fine.


    *bump* for bella


    Getting the hang of this decluttering. It’s quite amazing how much ‘stuff’ I am more than ready to let go of!


    What if I need it one day?

    Kirsty all you need is faith. I read somewhere that it only needs to be about the size of a mustard seed.;)


    Still decluttering here and on step 2, but please feel free to go to the next step. I will catch up.

Viewing 12 posts - 31 through 42 (of 42 total)
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