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    Even tho I have earned heaps over the 40 years I’ve working, I have also spent heaps also, some on useless, wasteful items but much on investing in my children’s and my education, and also setting myself up for the future. I feel although my current worth is quite reasonable, I still do have the tendency to spend too much even though I claim to be NOT A SHOPPER.



    My gazingus pins are books and gadgets – lately gadgets for gardening but in the past it was different. I kid myself that I need that book to help me understand…. blah blah blah. Really I would be better off going to the library and then buying a book only if I love it and will need to refer to it often.

    Well done those who have completed the first two steps. We’ll give a bit me time to those who have not before going on to the next part.

    How are we going with decluttering? I have done several areas and I’m working on our roof cavity which holds years worth of clutter – right there, over our heads!


    I’m trying to declutter my brain. Its a mammoth task and one I can only do in very small increments. Very stressful: God help me if I chuck the wrong bits! Is it possible to have mental gazingus pins?



    deee wrote:

    Hi Dianne,

    what about clothes, books, general household stuff? Just use what you’d get if you sold it all at a garage sale. If it amounts to $2.50, thats fine. Its about seeing where your money has gone and having a good think about whether or not you are happy with this. There is no right or wrong.


    Ok I forgot the books/ mags……have heeps of them. most of all of my clothes have been given to me and like I said near all household type stuff is DH. ( Before DH I was in a place where I needed to just up and go. therfore we started together when I had nothing to my name. )

    I am now in a place where I don’t wont for anything but it is hard and depressing to sit down and think that I dont own much at all.


    I proudly packed up a big bag of ‘clutter’ and marched into our local op-shop…then walked out with a NEW bag of someone else’s clutter…grrrr. I mean, who could turn down a brand new hand operated food processor, and an unused mouli, all clothes going for $1.50 each…and those ice moulds in the shape of false teeth had me in stitches. Okay…working on another big bag of clutter to justify it…maybe I should get hubby to drop it off!:tongue:


    i am currently decluttering my books and finding good homes for them by taking them to work and giving them to work mates or leaving them in the lunch room for the taking…

    I have got rid of all my under bed storage …so easy to vaccum the bed room now …I find as i keep going its like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders..

    Eira ClaptonEira Clapton

    Smiffy that really is the feeling isn’t it when we declutter -all that stuff seems to sap emotional energy and getting rid of it feels so light!


    My book came yesterday and I haven’t been able to put it down. Really eye opening stuff.

    my gazingus pins would be coffee. I shudder to think how much I have spent on take away coffee over the years :p

    decluttering is going well, I’m starting to get down to the “what if I need that one day” items. I’m going to have to get strict with myself from here on in :awch:


    Well I did the exercise, and it was about where I thought it would. We have made some good and bad investment choices over the years, luckily the good choices made us more than we lost, although I think that losing $1 is much harder than making $10. :tdown:

    But we waste $$$ so many $$$ lots on fun stuff with short term gain, and often long-term pain (such as beer, pizza). Quite sure if I put the same $$$ into healthy pursuits I would feel 10 years younger :metal:

    I guess one of the hardest $$$ we spend is for day-care. We both work, I would guess we probably could get by on one wage and we have at times, but well I want a career and I enjoy my career and work and study very hard to achieve this, the other half just works. When spending on daycare has cost us up to $25K per year I can see why you wouldn’t do it if you either didn’t make enough $$$ or you didn’t want to work or follow a particular career.

    Sometimes I feel like our work life balance gets out of balance, but given that some of the other big $$$ we spend are on special assistance, specialist etc for our child that has special needs I really feel that often it is worth it, as without some of the $$$ we spend there her chances of living a “normal” life would be significantly reduced…. Our whole life is largely revolved around her, we moved, I gave up the opportunity for my dream job and being close to family to better her opportunities, and it is money well spent, every single dollar… (guess it is lucky for me that I do enjoy my job!)

    But I think if I can overcome some of my habits and get more efficient we could be in a much better position… so here’s to new habit forming activities which I WILL get to…. one day!!! 😉

    Shangri LaShangri La

    Just some thoughts on clutter…….I have had a few conversations with friends on how much is enough contents insurance. I actually reduced ours at one point. People have said to me ‘but what if you had to replace everything?’ Whether you are in a bushfire zone or not, any house can burn down due to electrical fault or whatever. My answer to that is ‘Well I wouldn’t replace everything’ and that is the truth.

    Obviously replacing clothes and shoes for a whole family has to be taken into account as well as electrical items and furniture but the fact is the latter has actually become cheaper in recent years – all the mass produced imported stuff i guess. I would hazard a guess and say that you could buy a new fridge for about the same as you could 10 years ago computers and tvs are now much cheaper). Having said that, you still have to have enough insurance to replace stuff at the new price but I know I would not replace everything as I just don’t use it. i found that many of my friends had huge amounts of contents insurance (like $150,000 in one case) but often their houses were significantly UNDER insured. I know this as i know what buildings cost and in the event of fire or cyclone you often need to replace the whole lot and pay the cost of clearing the site, building approval etc so just reminding everyone who has owned their own home for some time.

    This was very evident after Cyclone Larry hit Innisfail as many of the homes destroyed were only worth low $100,000 including the land component but rebuilding could cost triple that due to nflation and the higher cost of building to cyclone code.

    Just something to think about. Also, I have no real antiques or jewellery of any great value (saves me heaps lol)


    Shangri La you got me thinking about insurance. I reviewed what we had, and found t hat I have a seperate llife insurance but on investigating my super fund I also have life insurance with that. So I have probably found a chance to save $45 a month.


    Super…thanks for the reminder to include it in this exercise. I never count it as I can’t access it for probably another 30 years at least so it isn’t real to me.

    A big shock has been how much I spend here and there, not really remembering what it went on. Thinking of how little I got by on as a student and when backpacking o/s, and how I promised myself things wouldn’t change with a full time job…it’s those work lunches and coffees that someone invites you along to, and you think, yeah, I can have my home-brought lunch tomorrow, or yeah, a real coffee would be nice. Or those hot nights when you don’t want to cook, or eat the tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden AGAIN!

    Damn, it’s willpower time, isn’t it?!

    Oh, and the fact that I have pretty much nothing to show for 13 years since finishing high school, that’s okay. I got my degree and I travelled around the world and had a truly amazing time that changed who I am. I wouldn’t regret a moment (well, except for that one time…;) ) and I will always have my photos.

    But yes, less eating and drinking out


    For me it is reducing the amount I pay for wine….I am going to casks…by tracking how much I have spent in January on alcohol is disgusting.:jawdrop: It could have went to one of my credit card bills!


    This book must be VERY popular! My library has eventually managed to get a copy and already there are several people waiting for it…me included…:uhoh:


    Windyhill – are you able to find cleanskin wines – often the same as what’s in the labelled bottles but half (or less) price. Living near a wine region I have easy access direct from the wineries, but expect bottle shops would have some (although you wouldn’t know what you are getting, but see if you can get one bottle and if its good, go back for more). I have no idea what a cask costs, but it might be a way to still drink good wine and pay off some of the cc bills at the same time! 😀

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