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Yippee! Farmers' Market to be established in the South Burnett QLD!

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    I posted awhile ago about the Sustainabilty Festival to be held near Kingaroy April 9th and 10th.It’s shaping up to be a major happening. Here are a few more details about the Farmers’ Market and about speakers/topics.Re the FM, from the South Burnett Times, ” The upcoming Sustainable Future Gathering event aims to plan and develop a permanent regional farmers’ market and food connect enterprise.The organisation intends to function as a not-for-profit social enterprise to ensure growers receive the best price possible and the consumer benefits from lower prices , fresher food and healthier choices.All regional growers, large and small are welcome to participate on April 10th.” I can’t wait for this to begin!

    Here are more details about speakers over the weekend.Saturday starts 10am: Sunday farmers’ market starts 7am. All at Whipbird Chapel Coolabunia near Kingaroy.

    SPEAKERS & TOPICS Include:

    • Jeff Clewett, Director & Principle Scientist of Agroclim. ‘Making the most of climate opportunities & challenges’.

    • Ann Bennett, Retired teacher & passionate environmentalist .‘Total renewable energy by 2020’

    • Robert Pekin, Executive Director ‘Food Connect Foundation’ & ‘Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance’. ‘The founding of a regional farmer to plate connect’.

    • Dr Marci Webster-Mannison, Director, Centre for Sustainable Design, School of Architecture, University of Queensland. ‘Sustainable design in buildings & communities’

    • Murray Hallam, Writer of ‘ Aquaponics Made Easy’ ‘Aquaponics in your backyard’.

    • Drew Hutton, Spokesperson for ‘Friends of the Earth’ & the ‘Lock the Gate Alliance’. ‘Protecting our food and water security’.

    • Julie Shelton, Churchill Fellow, writer, organic farmer, founder “Slow Food Sunshine Coast “. ‘Supporting regional food growers and producers through local markets’.

    • Toby Hutcheon, Executive Director Queensland Conservation. ‘Transition to a low carbon and ecologically sustainable society’.

    • Berneice Hilly, R Health South Burnett Community Nutritionist. ‘Healthy food choices’

    • Brian Jarvis, Sustainable Living Solutions. ‘Finding the balance for a sustainable future’.

    • Go Green Generation, Tameka Gogerly & Simone White, Local Solar providers.

    If anyone has a caravan or camper and wants to attend the weekend you are welcome to park at our place. There’s a three course dinner prepared by local chefs from local produce Saturday night, pre book $50.00 I’ll post more details about the weekend as they come up.

    General enquiries about the Festival or from growers interested in the farmers’ market to Brian Jarvis 0427 594 776 or to

    Judi BJudi B

    Good to see something positive happen around here for a change, just hope it all goes well.

    🙁 I don’t think we will be out and about by then :angry:

    Please keep me posted.

    Pink AngelPink Angel

    Oh, I so wish I was going up there earlier for this.

    It sounds fantastic :woohoo:

    Good luck for a very successful event 😆


    I’m just putting this back to the top as I heard from BIEDO that someone in Maryborough couldn’t find it again. I will ask for it to be moved into Get Togethers.


    Be good if this all goes to plan – not like some other things that have never got past the drawing board in South Burnett because too many ‘participants’ had their own agendas. And we don’t even have a Peanut Festival anymore because of lack of interest from local businesses and residents.

    Anyway, will be nice to visit a Farmer’s Market 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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