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Yeah! winter solstice today.

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    🙂 I made a special batch of soap to celebrate at least now the days will stop getting shorter. I don’t mind the cold so much but the dark mornings and evening I get over very quickly.


    All its done here is pour down with rain and its just started again


    And wasn’t the moon beautiful as well! I think she set really early (6pm) but first I got a good look at her smile (crescent moon)


    Here’s the soap!

    It worked out looking just like I wanted. The photo is lousy as the light has been shocking here and I used the flash. It’s coloured with charcoal and lathers white. I just had to test a scrap today to check. Scented with lemon eucalyptus, rosemary and a titch of peppermint.


    Oh wow, that looks gorgeous!! Like the most luxurious soap~

    How long before it’s on the website for sale??


    According to folklore the winter solstice is the right time to plant garlic but its been far to wet for that here. The ground is saturated and I think any new plantings will struggle.

    Lovely soap Kerrie. How does the charcoal react with the water?


    Bron it’s coconut oil so a relatively quick cure before I’d package to sell looking at 3-4 weeks. I’ve quite a few things that will be listed about then.

    Porgey the charcoal is inert so no issue with it reacting with water.


    and it’s on the website!! Gonna get some come payday 😀


    What’s that about the moon setting?? It’s way up high in the sky here at 10pm and nearly full!!! :ohmy:

    …….yes, lovely soap!

    whoops , re the moon comment …………just noticed this post began over a month ago!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Got me really worried there for a while!!


    I have to agree that dark mornings are a drag but last time I checked our water supplies were very low, which is a real worry. We really need more rain here. However I’m off to Halls Creek for the next 7 weeks. The Kimberley has a lot better weather than down here.

    After that I want to get the house at the property built. If I can work out how to set up a blog I’ll try to start one.

    😆 😆 😆


    The days are getting longer here but it is still really quite cold.

    Water is a big issue I’m a bit worried about my folks who are 70 on 60 acres or there abouts. They’ve nearly no feed on the ground and no hay (two years failure in a row one so wet everything rotted and last year a very dry spring so not very much to cut) and if they get a dry spring which is on the cards they’ll have to completely destock. As it is Dad’s taking the stock around the local roads every day for extra feed which is far from ideal.

    Waterwise locally we in a really good position with the last couple of wet years having our storages up at the highest levels in 15-20 years. Actually is we get a big rain event the Barwon could have a major flood for the first time in many. many years as the main dam is full.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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