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    Tam…Sorry to hear about the young fella. 🙁 Best wishes to you and yours. Hope all goes well.


    Thanks guys! I feel like the worst parent in the world now. Fobbed poor little Jessica off for another night while I’m trying to get my head around all this stuff. Today’s the first day we are on our own and had to ring into Monash for the doses for tonight and tomorrow morning.

    I bribed her with a BIG COLOURFUL PRESENT. She agreed willingly to stay another night.


    You’re just leaving Jessica with her grandies who love her dearly and will keep her happily occupied while you get your head around all the info you need to look after your son Tam. :hug::hug:

    That’s much better than snapping and grumping at her at home while you try to understand about dosages and a balanced diet and exercise etc. :confused: :confused:

    You’re doing a wonderful job so stop whacking yourself with a big stick.

    :kiss: :hug: :clap::clap::clap:

    And ‘big colourful presents’ are compensation not bribery, I reckon. You may need to supply son with a big colourful pressie too ’cause he missed out on staying at Nana’s. Boy was Jessica lucky……she gets all the best holidays. :lol::lol::lol:





    Hi Tam

    I only just caught up with this thread.

    I am sure this is a shock for you but please dont be too alarmed ! I am a type 1 diabetic and after 41 years I have NO diabetic complications and since my initial hospitalisation have never had to be admitted for anything to do with my diabetes. ( My disabilites are due to pesticide poisoning and absolutely nothing to do with my diabetes althought they do make it harder to manage my diabetes )

    Diabetes is inconvenient but if managed sensibley that is all it will be – in my younger days I showed horses all over Australia and I cant think of anything I wanted to do that was hampered by my diabetes except for wanting to binge on sweet food 😆

    I have never used a pump – too expensive and even once you buy it the consumables are a prohibitive ongoing expense. Not having one hasnt harmed me !!!

    I still use a disposable syringe and have 4 or 5 injections a day. I can honesty and absolutely say that the injections dont hurt at all :tup:

    I believe the best thing is a simple whole food diet – you need carbs at regular intervals to stop the insulin causing hypos but not too much. I dont agree with a lot of educators who seem to favour high carbs and highish insulin dose – read what Berstein has to say he IS a diabetic as well as doctor

    anyway I know you are probably very confused for now but when things settle down feel free to pm me if I can be any help – even if you just need to talk I will give you my phone number






    Ahh what a bolt out of the blue. I’m sure you will all cope though. The disease is becoming very common and I teach a couple of kids who have it. The schools also get heaps of information on the disease. Each government school in Vic is “tagged” to a district nurse who is far to busy to look for head lice any more. The district nurse came to each of the schools who had a diabetic student and gave us heaps and heaps of information.

    It gave the teachers more confidence in dealing with the situation, especially with the very little kids.

    At least you caught it early, and I presume, being an ALSer, that you will already have extensive knowledge about nutrition which will be helpful. Good luck

Viewing 7 posts - 151 through 157 (of 157 total)
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