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Yalca or other 'Online' Fruit Tree nurseries

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    I have a ‘special’ birthday coming up, and for gifts I would like to suggest fruit trees to start our new orchard. Has anyone had experience with Yalca Fruit Trees, or any other mail-order places and can recommend them? I’ve had some emails with Yalca and they have been very helpful, and I’ve seen a recommendation on here for them some years ago. They have a lot more varieties than our local fruit tree nursery, are more affordable and will be able to manage a ‘registry’ approach for us so we don’t end up with 10 of the same Bunnings tree!

    I would love any feedback before I commit to 20+ trees!

    Thanks, Di


    Hi Di. I bought an apple, pear and mulberry tree from Yalca a couple of years ago and they were lovely. The mulberry was very established and took off in no time. The apple and pear trees were also lovely, just a bit smaller. They did well in the ground and were so healthy I was able to rip them out of the ground when we moved. They’ve rebounded well at our new property and have put on a flush of lovely new growth. I’ve ordered another 5 trees from them this year which are due to arrive in June. Very excited! I have no hesitation in recommending them. I would NOT recommend fruit trees from the fruit salad tree company, however…


    I’ve just checked out the Yalca site, thanks for the info people. It is now safely on my favourites bar.

    I feel especially drawn to the dwarf trees because of the need, in our area, to net them.


    Nick CarrollNick Carroll

    Hello Di

    I’ve brought dwarf apples and other trees from

    They have all been great trees. Just ordered another 6 apple trees.


    Thanks Bel – great to know they grow well here in SA, think I will stick with them (but thanks for the other referral Nick!). they have been really helpful so far. I’ve never contemplated the fruit salad tree, a because we have so much space but also wonder how long it would take for 1-2 grafts to take over the 4 others people get on the same tree!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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