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    We are wanting to get some ducks and/or chickens for eggs/pets. Are ducks able to live side by side with chickens or are we better off just getting some chooks?

    We have a 1/4 acre block, pretty steep, no fencing so will have to have a coop and a run. There are pythons/dogs/cats/ticks/bandicoots etc etc and have to consider noise/smell etc… what are your opinions?


    I had ducks years ago when we had a 1700sqm block and I would never have them again!

    They are lovely and cute and funny but they STINK and they attract flies.

    I had them in the same run as the chooks and never had any problems having them together.

    I never had a problem with flies when we had chooks but after we got the ducks they were like the plague.

    I was constantly changing their water too.

    I think if I had acreage I would have them again because they really do have such lovely personalities but never in a small backyard again.


    Yup, ducks are lovely and the eggs are yummy, but they DO stink and mess the water in a confined space.

    They live happily in my mixed poultry yard.

    I have muscovies and yes I know they are technically a goose, but they are a nice friendly animal.


    Hi Anon,

    We run both ducks and chooks. Ducks are very different depending on the breed. We utilise our ducks in the running of the farm and therefore chose indian runners and karki campbells because they can be used to eat insects/slugs and other than when vegetables are small (seedlings) they can be very effectively used in the garden. We have tried other ducks over the years but find these two breeds the best, not only for egg laying (in fact they way outdo the chooks for egg both in consistency and number). We haven’t found them messy (not nearly as messy as geese) but we do have a larger area for them. Basically they come into the run at night and are let run the property during the day. We lock them in the vege area for one or two hourse per day (unless we have small seedlings) and they are fantastic at keeping slugs and insects down as well as fertilizing.

    I love the chooks as well but personally feel the ducks are far better in feed conversion, egg production and consistency, are far less destructive than chooks and wonderful help with slugs particularly but other insects as well.

    We found that the ducks were better separated from the chickens as they can get bossy and put the chickens off the lay.

    Hope this is of some help.




    I have both chooks and ducks and i keep the ducks seperated from the chooks as they foul there water too much………also do the same as mauzi………………..into therun at night and free range during the day ( i have pekins). Think they would be a bit smelly for you confined to a 1/4 acre block:uhoh:


    mine are really noisy! I have aylesburys, but have also kept pekins and k.campbells and muscovies. Wouldn’t mind muscovies again actually, as they are a nice large meat bird, although they can climb trees :confused:

    sue esue e

    we had khaki campbells and muscovies over the years . they completely eliminated all snails and slugs from our place in one season and have never had them since . that is on the plus side. but on the minus side unless you have good water access they do foul containers etc. and they do need to at least to get their heads in the water. they really love to paddle about so it is good to have a bath or something similar for them. but in these days of water restrictions it is difficult to make clean water available for them.ours co-habited with a couple of araucanas but we had to put separate water in a spot that was only accessible for the chookies as the ducks really made it undrinkable for the chookies.they are beautiful creatures and unless you can provide their basic needs of lots of clean fresh water and grazing they can cause a lot of guilt on your part.


    We have white muscovies and they’re lovely! They’re quiet, they can’t fly or climb (too heavy), they have big eggs, but not lots, they make pretty yellow duckling babies… We haven’t eaten any yet. We have 5 ducks and 1 drake and the ratio seems good. Muscovy drakes are known to be bullies of any other poultry if their harem isn’t large enough. Ours free-range over about an acre, they don’t stray beyond that though they could go much further if they wished. They have a lock up pen, a clam-shell pool to swim, various water containers under hose taps around the yard, loads of grass and spilled cow and horse feed to eat. They also eat the tropical grain mix we give the chooks.

    We had one Indian Runner named Bella who came here not as a young duck. She lived with the chooks, but also rounded them up in a dog fashion. She had no idea what she was and never went swimming. But she said “QUACK, QUACK” about 100 times a day – loudly! She did make us laugh though. One morning we found she’d died in the night, but had no idea why. She laid 2 or 3 eggs during her time with us.

    I would only have ducks in a large open space like this, with a good run to lock them up if they’re annoying (like when the kids are swimming in the paddle pool and they want to join in – ick)…


    I love ducks but they poop sloppy poops everywhere and I can’t eat the eggs as they upset my stomach (too strong?). For you, I would suggest just chickens. 🙂


    A friend of mine got me a pair of chicks for my bday. She said that when she went to the produce place to get some she was actually wanting to get me ducks but the boss said they don’t stock ducks because they are horrible filthy animals 😛

    Just his personal opinion I know, but I guess there is a little truth to it reading the above posts. They are so very cute though 🙂

    I’m pretty glad she didn’t get me ducks now as I am just in a small suburban block,


    Yep, looks like it will be the chickens for us. I did look at some bantam varieties of ducks, but I don’t want to pester the neighbours and the house behind us is rented as a holiday home over the weekends so can be having smells :rip:

    Chookies will do us nicely, just need to source some now and get the coop set up!!:D


    Watch out for the pythons E, as they lurv chookies.


    Pekins make great eggs. :tup:


    i used to own ducks but they would keep me awake with their quack quacking as they would form a little posse and go frog hunting.:@ i would be woken up in the dead of night by excited quacking and the shrieks of a tormented frog (which i then had to get out of bed and go and rescue/ relocate). They did big sloppy poops everywhere too. When they ate through my herb garden they would quack and you could smell their chives breath:lol:

    i would vote for chookies. If you come through waterford in your travels the produce place there on loganlea road have chookies (they had a nice little Plymoth Rock hen there the other day that i seriously considered taking home with me but we have chickies so i am hoping some of them will be hens when they grow up and that will be our maximum allowed numbers).


    Hi guys,

    I just got 4 appleyard ducks for christmas. I live in a suburban area, my neighbours are good but I am stressing about the smell. They will be in a pen and then freerange around the backyard when they get used to the dog. Is there anything thats helps the smell. I cannot give them back, im already attached. I have a medium suburban block in melbourne


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