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    Afternoon everyone:)

    I would to share some pic’s if i can get them to work:)

    these are some pansy’s i grew from seed

    the pot that these ones are in i made

    just checked i actually got it to work:tup:

    ok next are potatoes, growing these in a cage that was used to keep lambs in while bottle feeding


    this is another lot of potatoes

    now i am trying something different with this one, don’t know how well these will go but i guess i will find out.

    What i have done is get 6 buckets, have drilled 2 holes 1/2 way down on 5 of them, on the 6th one i have put the holes right down the bottom and this will be the water one, i have inserted hose through all of them and have put 6 holes in each section of hose that goes through the planting ones, i have planted tomatoes in them since i took the pic’s this morning, what i am aiming for is to conserve water by getting it right to the root system:) now i am still displaying my L plates on all gardening issues, so if i am doing something wrong at anytime feel free to let me know:D

    this garden bed also has a bucket with holes in it, has 4 hoses with holes drilled in them that run the full length of the garden, have tomatoes in here they have been in for a couple of weeks and are doing really well using this system.

    snow peas growing on a old gate

    normal peas, with these i dug a trench around 15 inches deep, filled it with some good soil and they seem to be doing ok as well.

    this is the strawberry patch

    just a couple of pic’s of some other areas in the garden

    apple tree

    Thanks for allowing me a place to share my pic’s with.

    This is a great site and seems very friendly:clap:


    Garden looks great Carol, :clap: your pics are little, but good on you for getting more then one on at a time, I still cant work it out. :shrug: Will be good to see how your progress is with your buckets and Tomatoes. Good luck and keep up the updates, we love looking at everyones gardens. And yes we are a pretty friendly bunch around here. 🙂 Oh and the Pansies are lovely :tup:


    Hi Carolf, your garden looks lovely. Good luck with the tomatoes in the buckets – good idea.

    And us gardeners don’t ‘do anything wrong’, it’s all trial and error – what works in one garden may not work in another, even down to different areas of your own garden. But if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask (I always am :uhoh:)



    :tup: Looks fantastic. Well done. Thank you for showing us your garden 😀


    Thankyou everyone.

    busylizzie thankyou not sure how to make pic’s bigger, used photo bucket as host and only offered full size or the thumbnails, so thought i should use thumbnail size:)

    Marz i usually have trouble not giving plants enough water, so i figured if i use buckets i will have some idea:) sounds good in theory anyway:D

    Herbman, thankyou i have enjoyed following yours and everyone elses so i thought i would join you:)


    welcome carol! those pansies look AMAZING! and all grown from seed too! so impressed! i have a whole bunch of flower seeds and so far all i have are poppy leaves about 4cm long :noapprove: i think i do better with the store bought seedlings for flowers. even my bulbs all failed :shy:

    that looks like a bumper crop of strawberries coming up! :tup:


    just trying to get pic’s bigger


    Gemimisc, this is the first time i have grown flowers by seed so i was pretty happy with them, they are everywhere, plus i still have a big tray of them to plant:D have no idea where though.

    Busylizzie, are pic’s a bit easier to see now.


    You’ve certainly put some work in there Carol and those pansy’s are amazing:tup:…………..i do miss being able to grow the pretty annuals up here:noapprove:


    roundthebend, i am afaird i know very little about gardening and could probably count on one hand the names of the flowers that i know:D they are pansy’s, daphne, roses, daisy and carnations:lol:

    sue esue e

    looks great!:tup: i love the pansies. welcome and thanks for sharing. love looking at gardens!


    Thankyou for the welcome Sue e, i find the pansy’s interesting with there little faces, i went around later this afternoon and took so close up’s of some of the pansy’s.

    Judi BJudi B

    :tup: looking good.


    Thankyou Judi B

    Shangri LaShangri La

    Beautiful garden carolf, I have the same pansies but only about 7 of them! They look really good planted en masse like that. Will add it to my list. We left a dead wheelbarrow behind at our last place – I wish I had brought it now!

    What are the red flowers in the foreground of your last pic?

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