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Worldometers – The numbers will amaze you!

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    For anyone interested in seeing real-time worldwide stats on a variety of interesting measures (including world population, energy and water use, sales of major consumer goods, etc.), you may find this site as amazing as I did:

    I have only recently become aware of the issue of “peak oil” and this site certainly has made me think more about it…




    amazing some of those numbers are just flying past. :jawdrop:


    Wow, this is fascinating! Many ‘unbelievable’ and sobering figures there; most made me :jawdrop: But over 1.2 million people killed in road crashes around the world – maybe Adelaide drivers aren’t the worst drivers after all! :dry:


    I’m just bumping this thread in case anyone new might be interested… I find it fascinating to see how many cars, bikes, computers, and tv’s (etc.) are being manufactured in real time (not to mention all the other info)!


    Interesting, but does make you wonder how accurate the numbers are………



    I was just wondering how the numbers are getting there!


    BlueWren post=354962 wrote: I was just wondering how the numbers are getting there!

    They have a page of answers here: Basically, they find published data for, say annually, and then work out how many that is per millisecond to display the ‘real-time’ data. Or something like that.

    It is frightening to think that there’s over a million more people on the planet every week. That’s another Adelaide. And 77 million a year is more than three Australias.


    Hi casalenta. Thanks for answering BlueWren’s question 🙂

    Hi BlueWren and Wombat. I can understand your reaction to the numbers :huh:. I first came across the site (worldometers) during a discussion on an environmental forum. The site was viewed as being credible (at that time, by the members in the discussion). But, you’ll have to make up your own mind as to whether you think the numbers are realistic…


    fair enough!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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