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World without oil

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    I was going to add this youtube clip in the format but it runs for over fourty minutes and is a documentry (fiction) by that geographic mag 😉

    World without oil

    I enjoyed watching it it takes you from today with oil and proposes what would happen if it ran out tomorrow (ie the world woke up with no oil) it is america so based on there country but as it is a well know and respected mag for giving the facts it does not sugar coat it.

    I think it gives a good senerio of what would happen.


    well I added as a link but it came up still as a youtube clip sorry to all on dial up or dongle with speed issues, I know my dongle does not like to run fast when the wind blows to the west :dry: :blink:


    This is a programme that is on the discovery channel its a good watch


    Thanks for the link to the video, will watch it when not “shaped”. I may have seen it already though, since Robyne said it was on the airwaves.

    Regarding “flash” i.e. youtube and other flash components in webpages. Something that I find useful is an extension for my browser that blocks “flash” from loading/downloading. Where if you choose to view any “flash” images or video you click on the “flash” icon in the space where the flash component is positioned and it loads. Saves a lot of your monthly data going on loading parts of webpages that you might not want to see. 🙂

    The extension is called “clicktoflash”, for Apple’s Safari browser. It might also be available for Internet Explorer and Firefox.


    I would like to know how you are or plan to cope without oil, Have you planed on using something else.



    yeh strange one this topic, lots of mention on the fear hype of oil stopping flowing or getting so expensive only the mega rich might afford. though really when you hear that by 2020 the yanks will be the biggest oil producers in the world(don’t think they are planning on helping aus’ out, they want to criticise our defence budget but!)

    we won’t mention all forms of motor racing many V8 capacity, our international super V8 series, for one now a new starter for the next season a nissan V8 so another V8 for buyers to choose to drive around, can’t believe there is any depleting oil.

    if there is then our leaders are going to run us dry with no affordable alternative on the table, oil combines keep buying up any alternative ideas and pigeon holing them.

    i mean can you really see bahrain and bathurst without racing cars?? there are that many diffrent racing interest tearing around bitumen and dirt tracks, racing on water and flying it is rediculouse they got mountain bike racing on the olympics when will there be a motor racing event?

    running out of oil? my common sense says no way jose. imagine a world where people can’t fly or use ship to go over seas? silly hey?

    hey? and waht about oiling that squeeky gate?



    Bathurst and Adelaide V8 peddle cars, can you imagine the drivers peddling down the straight at 300ks. :laugh:

    One of the things the show said about was what oil is used for,

    gloves doctors use in surgery, asprins, some medication and a lot of other things too many to mention


    Maybe its time an alternative was brought into use so that there is some good competion. :jawdrop:


    There’s a lot happening in alternative fuels research and production already, particularly oil and fuel produced from algae. Anything that is made from crude oil (Fossil Oil, Black Gold, Texas Tea) can be made from oil produced and extracted from algae.

    Here’s a site that has a load of interesting and informative reading.

    There’s more than forty Algae 101 files, here’s two…

    Algae 101 Part One: The Tiny Plant that Saved Our Planet

    Algae saved our planet by transforming our atmosphere to oxygen, allowing life to exist. Algae saved us again by providing the Earth’s first food. Might algae save our planet yet again? Early Earth supported neither…

    Algae 101 Part Two: What’s it all about Algae?

    Algae may be humanity’s best friend. Algae can provide sustainable and affordable food and fuel, as well as ecological and novel solutions. Any food, fibers or materials that can be made from land-based crops…’s-it-all-about-algae/

    There will be no world without oil.


    It always comes down to EROEI, nothing is quite like oil so there for nothing will be quite as cheap.

    The BAU,cornicopian,magic pudding brigade believe in never ending resources and innovation.

    Man will come up with a solution.(it didnt help the Easter Islanders)

    The reality is we wont run out of oil, we will run out of cheap oil.

    The last time oil spiked the world went into a GFC we are in it now.

    If the World can recover and demand for oil increases again ,we will get another spike and go into another GFC.

    The cycle has begun.

    We are in the long decent, the credit card bill has come in, the world has been living on credit,our standard of living is an unsustainable fantasy.

    Grow your own food,it will be one of the worst effected things say good bye to cheap air travel and home delivered pizzas.


    You link an oil price spike as for the GFC. The oil price was plunging as the financial crisis began to take hold in late 2008.

    The global financial crisis didn’t occur because of the price of oil.

    The emergence of sub-prime loan losses in 2007 began the crisis and exposed other risky loans and over-inflated asset prices. With loan losses mounting and the fall of Lehman Brothers on September 15, 2008, a major panic broke out on the inter-bank loan market. As share and housing prices declined, many large and well established investment and commercial banks in the United States and Europe suffered huge losses and even faced bankruptcy, resulting in massive public financial assistance.

    The GFC occurred by and beginning with, greed in banking. Poor risk housing loans to people with little chance to fulfil repayment obligations. Housing market collapse. The collapse of Lehman Brothers (and the failure to bail them out as other banks were), fell over crushing other institutions, where the collapse spread further, globally.

    Through greed and mismanagement.


    The concept of ERoEI is a flawed.

    ERoEI = usable acquired energy over energy expended

    ERoEI is flawed because there is no “time” factored into the equation.

    ERoEI has no standard for identifying what activities should be included when measuring the ERoEI process.

    With “time” as a factor, i.e. Project-X with a lower ERoEI of 0.5 is better than Project-Z with a higher ERoEI of 2.0, when Project-X ERoEI 0.5 provides better energy returns over a shorter time period than does Project-Z ERoEI 2.0.

    A low ERoEI project initially with “time” as a factor doesn’t mean that it isn’t “ERoEI” viable. i.e. to build a “solar breeder”, a solar power plant that provides its own energy to build more solar power plants, that than produces more solar power plants that powers factories that produce solar power components. A “solar breeder” would reproduce exponentially – in “time”.

    Nor would it be an “ERoEI” obstacle, to build a low ERoEI solar powered factory (where energy from the sunlight is not a factor of ERoEI) that is used as an hydrogen and oil producing algae bioreactor component manufacturing plant. In “time”, exponentially, any ERoEI without “time” factored in renders ERoEI pointless, because energy used from the sunlight is free for “solar breeders”.

    Any energy accounting system worth its salt should include “usable acquired energy”, “energy expended”, “time” and “area of space”.


    An excerpt from 2008 Sundance Awarding Winning Documentary titled “FUEL”

    More excerpts of “FUEL” are here


    Simple maths

    Borrow money, add constant growth = inflation+profit= banks willing to lend and you being able to pay it back.

    constant growth requires cheap oil

    no cheap oil, no growth = bank default.

    re EROEI and time frames

    the most important factor it takes millions of years to produce a barrels of oil that we burn in a few hours to do all our work and make all our food and money.

    the EROEI on oil was 1 barrels of energy to extract 100 barrels of energy

    its now at 1 to 40

    bio diesels are less than 1 to 2

    good luck with that being able to produce oil alternatives at cheaper than current oil.

    and when we are taking time constraints, lets talk about how fast infrastructure will be available, in the Algae to oil world, to be able to take over from conventional oil.

    And how does this infrastructure get paid for, when banks collapse because there is no cheap oil, to drive the economy to allow for the exponential growth that is required to allow the borrowing and paying back of loans.


    “the Navy bought 20,055 gallons of algae-based biodiesel at a jaw-dropping cost of $424 per gallon.”

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