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    Hi all

    I’m thinking of buying a wool mattress from Blessed Earth but would like to know if anyone has one and their opinion of it as it is very costly. I’ve never seen one without springs except the old foam ones, and wondered if they would support you or sink after a little while.




    I don’t know exactly about the wool, but I’d imagine they would be like a cotton futon mattress where you have to turn and fluff it regularly.


    We had wool matteress as kids and they were very lumpy. Has to shake them weekly

    Was think ing of buying an Air matteress best sleep we ever had was on one in a tent. Easy to transport when moving:D


    I hope you get some more information, because I’ve been interested in the blessed earth mattresses too. Their website is very informative and describes how the mattress is made (the wool is tufted into little compartments) and says they do not get lumpy like futons. Unfortunately it is pretty hard to spend that sort of money on something you have to travel to Maleney to actually try out, and it’s been hard to find people who’ve bought one and can give an opinion about it. If they had an outlet / supplier in each capital city even, it would certainly help! If I had the money and the opportunity to test first, I would love to have one, but am thinking second best would be a new mattress with a blessed earth wool pillow-top underlay thingie.


    not much help really – but I bought one of BE inner spring mattresses and have been very happy with it 😀 had it shipped to WA sight unseen………

    I buy lots of stuff from BE and always find them great to deal with 😀 and I consitently find it is worth the extra money to buy Organic :tup:



    Hello, I just wondered if anyone has tried the ones without the innersprings. We’re thinking of getting one for our daughters double bed but we can’t find a review anywhere. Ggang your post is very helpful and makes me inclined to deal with them but I would love to hear from someone who has tried the other kind of mattress.



    I have dealt with them on other items but not a mattress and we are also in the process of looking at buying one for ourselves so would also love to hear any feedback.


    We have a wool mattress (thick futon) with a foam core. You kinda need the foam core to give it bulk and to help the wool to breathe. Yes, they need regular vacuuming and airing. Sunlight helps to kill any dustmites and spores, so best to ensure it’s in a location where you can easily move it into the sun – they’re darn heavy!

    We don’t sleep on ours anymore, but we still use it for a guest bed. It’s coming on to twelve years old and still in fairly good condition – even after raising three babies on it.


    I didn’t reaize this thread was quite so old! My husband purchased a Blessed Earth wool mattress (no springs) earlier this year when we decided to go from a double to queen bed. He was visiting relatives in Qld at the time, so was able to go to the shop in Maleney and see the mattress and talk to the sales staff (they were lovely!). Purchasing in person he was given a 25% discount (this may have been a special at the time) which made a big difference to the final price. I was worried when it was delivered as it was folded in half, but it unfolded with no crease or damage and was very well packaged. We’ve been sleeping on it since just after Easter and really love it! It took a while to get used to not having springs, but we have always preferred a firm mattress. We vacuum and turn it regularly and are meant to air it in the sunshine 2x a year. Hubby has always suffered with stuffy sinuses and dust mite allergies, and he is waking up without the stuffy nose and generally sleeping much better. We will buy the mattress topper when finances allow, but are very satisfied with our choice.

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