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    Hi all

    No peak oil, Midnight Oil or other non child-safe oils here.

    No carbon tax, thumb tacks only plenty for the little tacks <---see what I did there? Those who have known me or even met me over the years will know that I make wooden toys, amongst other things. For no real reason that I can think of I would like to offer ALS members a half-price special on my wooden toys for the month of September. Simply go to my Toy Blog and have a sqizz.

    Whatever you want is only half the price shown for September (postage is still the same, though – I am unable to control Australia Post) and, no, I have not just put up all the prices for September like some of our retailers do.

    A couple or three examples:

    Many of the ‘old’ regulars here have seen my stuff (sounds rude) and I am sure that I can squeeze references from people if you need them.

    Check this thread to see some of the other sorts of stuff.

    When having a read, remember it is an old thread and some of the jokes are even older :sick:

    If you have special needs children, I can also cater for them. Simply contact me at for a chat, quote or simply to ask a question.

    I will be at the Clare Fine Art and Food market this Sunday if you are bored (but hungry) and would like to pick anything up.

    Please note that this offer is only open to ALS members and non of your details are shared, sold, auctioned, leaked or anything like that, nor do you need to sell your first-born (although if your first-born is handy at bathroom renovation, I am open to suggestion).

    Wooden want to miss a bargain, now, wood you? 😛

    Thanks for reading


    Doc 😉


    :tup: Looks good Doc. Will pm you.


    Your toys are wonderful Doc.. If I had or knew a little one, I would buy you out.


    Thanks Doc. :tup:



    Hey there Doc. You are as clever and crafty as ever. Well done you. :clap: :clap:

    Admiringly gobsmacked,

    Bobbs :hug: :hug: :hug:


    :kiss: These are really great Doc. my daughters 18 month old will love them. I remember similar things my Pop used to make us when we were kids. Noticed on yourblog that you had a dolphin & caterpillar puzzle as well as a shoe with laces. Can you let me know how much they are as I would love to get her some for Xmas.

    Thanks :tup:


    We have a little collection of Docs toys, cars, motorbikes, puzzles and they are great. :tup: :tup: would love some more but I just started a no spend. 🙁 🙁


    Well, just posted off a few orders today.

    If you are waiting, you are looking for one of the Australia Post prepaid satchelly thingies.

    Depending on where you live I would think you could expect delivery early next week.

    Of course, if you only live a couple of streets away from me, I can drop them off after lunch :tup:

    Love, peace and mung beans

    Doc 😉


    If your order got to me before 3pm Adelaide time (about 10 years behind Brisbane time) :whistle: then it has been posted. :tup:

    For those whose orders arrived later today, have no fear, they are done but will not get posted until Monday. :tup:

    For those (one) who want to pick up direct from Clare Fine thingy Markets on Sunday, make sure you set your alarm 😉

    Be nice to each other.

    Doc 😉


    Looks good doc, will head on over to the blog for a sqiz.


    Well, having survived the earthquakes that poured terror into the hearts of mid-north South Australians (useless news beat up) I managed to fight my way through fierce and frothy storms (well, a hot latte from my espresso machine) and post off several more satchels. :tup:

    Should be elsewhere soon. Both the satchels and me :huh:

    Doc 😉


    Hi Doc,

    Received the puzzles today. They are fantastic. :tup: Can’t wait to see how the little one likes them when she gets them at christmas.

    Thanks Heaps :kiss:




    Only a few days left of specials.

    Can deliver to Clare this weekend if anybody goes to the markets there.

    Apparently the Harley Davidson Club will be there too 🙂

    Better make some more motorbikes :blink:

    Doc 😉

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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