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    If this type of thing is true then I cant find the right word for this countries leaders. 😮


    Some Startling Developments.

    News to hand: the South Australian State parliament and the Commonwealth of Australia parliament have given approval for a Chinese mining company, to buy out the existing mining companies around Woomera / Roxby/ Olympic Dam and other Uranium deposit sites in South Australia.

    Further, approval has been given for this Chinese company to undertake the biggest Uranium mining development / expansion in history.

    An Environmental Impact Statement has been published, outlining the proposed development plans.

    These plans describe the establishment of: two new large city complexes to cater for the number of workers involved (wow!); a complete International Airport (more wow!); a road and rail link to the coast with a complete Deep-Sea Loading Port Facility (golly!)

    The EIS describes, almost excitedly, how the new mine will be: “….the biggest man-made hole on Earth… an enormous amount of over-burden will be removed, enough to build a new mountain range……..”.


    I would like to share another experience.

    Back in the 1960’s, there was almost an ‘epidemic’ of youngsters contracting Leukaemia, right along the Eastern regions of Australia (and elsewhere). Our Apex Clubs worked hard, raising money and doing what we could to assist families with Leukaemia affected children. It was a recurring ‘Service Scheme’.

    Fruit Bats, Banana farmers, Aerial top-dressing and a whole host of ‘things to blame’ as the cause of the epidemic, were hypothesised.

    We now know it was the Depleted Uranium, Plutonium and other Nuclear ‘fall-out’ from Atomic bomb testing in the Montebello Islands, off the north west coast of Australia (in Oct,1952; a bomb which was four times as big as the one dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, in 1945) and further tests done (hundreds of them) in the Maralinga desert areas of South Australia, just to the west of Woomera.

    Maralinga is positioned at: 131.37(e), 30.09(s). There’s the 30 degree latitude again!

    Since then, the mining of Uranium deposits has been happening, big-time, in the Woomera/ Roxby Downs / Olympic Dam region of S.A. and the dusty ‘Tailings’ have been piling up and the prevailing westerly winds have transported the fine radioactive particles right across our continent in huge dust-storms. Some of these storms have reached out across the Pacific. Contamination of land, water, air, fruit, vegetation and milk, has been inescapable as the dust settled or was rained out of the atmosphere. Eat the fruit or meat, drink the water or milk (remember the compulsory milk scheme in schools back then?), eat the fish, the veggies or whatever and you are consuming radiation. Above all else, none of us can escape the air we breathe which is loaded with the contaminants.

    There is no hope: for man or beast, tree or trout, veggie or vine, bird or billa*xxxx*; all become contaminated.

    But wait, there’s more!

    Further concerns are listing themselves in this Global Recession Year of 2009.

    For example: the head-over-heels manner in which our political leaders (state and federal), are borrowing huge quantities of money, particularly from China. Billions of (US) dollars have been taken up. We are now indebted to China so deeply, we can never recover.

    Remember the old cliché, “…when you are in their debt, you are in their control…”.

    Who amongst you can imagine any Australian authority saying NO to Chinese take-over and ownership of huge mining and pastoral operations in our country?

    The Chinalco-RioTinto buy-out proposal for example; the Chinese buy-out of Australian Mining Corp with its Roxby Downs / Olympic Dam Uranium mining project already mentioned; huge pastoral areas of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme have been allowed for the Chinese to grow HEMP! This crop has been denied approval when Australians contemplated it, but the Chinese have no worries, a full stamp of approval.

    The mind boggles at the opportunities which now exist with the lousy ‘Global Recession’.

    Queensland parliament has borrowed seventy four billion dollars (USD) from China. Do you really think we are in any position to refuse the proposed Chinese take-over and ownership of the vast Queensland Coal deposits? Of course not: “…..when you are in their debt, you are in their control…”.

    Breathe deeply folk, it’s probably the quickest way to end the lingering agony of watching our great little country being gutted by foreign owners.

    Lynn Stanfield.

    May, 2009


    Here is another link to some of her writings – Sounds a little scary.

    And I also wonder if it is true??


    Ahh Dennis, but wait theres more!!

    BHP Biliton is buying up land in the fertile Liverpool basin out of Gunnedah trying to push their way in to mine coal. Underneath all this is a big artesian basin.

    A good 4Corners program on it.


    … and our esteemed leader receives pats on the back at the G20 for his leadership in progressing climate change policy at the same time as championing these deals.

    Hypocrite much?


    A friend of a friend went to china as an exchange Teacher and in one of the classes was a map of the world which showed China and Australia with the name New China on it. He got very frightened when he saw it.

    Hate to tell you a woman I worked for a few years ago her husband worked at Roxby and said if you only knew what was going on it would shock you.

    The state governments are so determend to screw up their own states by borrowing money they don’t need because they have to push their own barrow. This country could be so far ahead of the rest of the world all we need is people who could give a dam.

    Our school kids are so far behind all because of pencil pushers living a their own little world.

    Years ago we had to work out a new school system. My idea was to change all the school years have 1-6 in one school area. 7-10 in another and move the years 11-12 to Tafe as they are young adults.

    In yera 5-6 have the kids work out what they would like to do with their future. Make English and MAths as main subjects The rest of the subjects to relate with their choosen careers

    The schools could ask the employers what is needed in their work.

    say John wants ot be a carpentar have him do Subjects to go with that work in life. Same with Medical.

    That way teachers teach what they have trained for and the kids might not have problems at school.


    aaarrrggg makes me wanna scream, but it does no good.

    people will believe what they wanna believe and believe the bull#$**

    because to think for themselves is too hard.

    and then its easier to blame every1 else for the stuff ups and mess than to blame themselves for being lazy , gullible a*sses that dun care .

    really what hope do our kids have when idiot pollies do things like that to ur once great country.


    Have you seen the adds on the idiot box telling us how the coal industry want a carbon trading system, just not one that calls them to account for their actions:shrug:


    Tassie TigerTassie Tiger

    They can only do it because we let them:jawdrop::(


    The pollies are know as rubbish that granted but I think we need a back ground check to see where there allegiance lies. I don’t think it would be china but I think there maybe a deeper agenda to all this and I think I will check it out more. Take a look at the USA UK and AUS and a few others. There has been a plan under way for some years to destroy these countries and I don’t mean by military might. But from within and I think they might neary have done it. 🙁


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