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wireless trouble with our son

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    Just wanted to share something in case others are having similar problems and don’t know what to try.

    Some months ago my son began having serious insomnia as well as headaches. He’s 11 and this came out of the blue.

    We thought stress, too much homework, diet, you name it, but changing what we could didn’t seem to help. Even on days when everything was calm and happy (not easy in this house) he was lying in bed for hours, often till 2.30am, occasionally near dawn.

    Something was dreadfully wrong.

    One day I happened to read something about wi fi linked to headaches and insomnia. I had a pretty open mind on all that but thought I’d give it a try.

    Within 2 days of shutting down all wi fi he began sleeping normally. So far it’s too early to say whether his headaches have gone, but both he and I believe it was wi fi that brought about his insomnia.

    The worst part is the insomnia happened whether the wi fi was shut down overnight or not.

    We had quite a lot of wi fi in our house (playstation, 3 computers, iPad and iPod) so in our case perhaps the exposure was super high. But many others I’m sure have similar levels of it.

    I just wanted to share this for anyone else experiencing unusual sleep patterns in children where food sensitivities and other likely causes have been ruled out. It’s worth shutting off all wi fi for a few days just to see if it could be connected to the issue.



    Chooken I am so glad that you have found the solution to your son’s problem, you must be so relieved. :hug: :hug: :hug:

    And how kind of you to share that information with others, you may well be helping lots of people. :clap: :clap:



    Chooken, I am so glad you appear to have found the cause of your sons insomnia. Radiowaves, EMR, etc have all sorts of unpredictable effects on people. Keeping your environment clean also involves the unseen and unexpected like what you have found. Some say that portable phones are worse for you than sparing use of mobiles as the total radiation dose is often greater so keep that in mind as well. Keep healthy, cheers, porgey.


    Bobbee post=340630 wrote: Chooken I am so glad that you have found the solution to your son’s problem, you must be so relieved. :hug: :hug: :hug:

    And how kind of you to share that information with others, you may well be helping lots of people. :clap: :clap:


    Gosh your lovely Bobbsaa. :kiss:


    :blush: :blush: :blush:



    Thank you so much for those kind (and friendly!!) comments.


    You may or may not know that almost every classroom in our high school has wi-fi, so constant exposure will be happening whilst at school as well! 🙁


    Erm… the sun, ground, atmosphere, electrical storms and the like put out way more “wi-fi” than any wi-fi system. Continual exposure to low intensity microwave radiation has been happening continually… for thousands if not millions of years.

    You might want to look elsewhere for health problems…


    I have my router next to my bed, sitting on the side table – within 3 feet of my head. (it’s the only phone line that works). I lose no sleep at all.

    And as it has already been mentioned, we are immersed in wi fi and many other forms of electromagnetic fields constantly – and have been for a very long time.

    Having said that, as with those allergic to nuts, or the smallest exposure to certain chemicals, I have no doubt there are those who have an extreme sensitivity to such things. But I also submit that there still could be other reasons for these symptoms … :shrug:



    Sensitivities can be very specific to individuals as well. I suffer migraines, not often but when I do they are severe, sometimes ending with me being Abulanced to emergency by my doctor. Because I have had to keep a record of things to try to pinpoint triggers I have found that an approaching electrical disturbance will trigger migraines in me. They can be so bad I am at risk of a stroke or heart attack because of the incredible blood pressure that results. This has enabled me to make informed decisions about medication to prevent one developing. I think it is wise to investigate everything to try and eliminate potential problems, or be aware so you can reduce problems.


    I was going to post in the diabetes thread but saw this and want to say

    after huge diabetes loss of control that after documenting all food, activity

    etc. for a while, my blood glucose was going thru the roof after even a short

    time in front of tv. or computer. After reducing the overall time spent

    having these things on and keeping everything off unless being used, things have improved greatly. I always felt unwell and was aware of the effects but had no idea

    as to the severity of the problem for myself.


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