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    I have Sangiovese and Vermantino grapes. I just tasted last years harvest and I am impressed.


    Well that’s very nice for you. :tup:

    Are you making ‘home made wine’ for your family or are you making commercial quantities of wine?

    Want to tell us about the types of grapes you are using?



    I have sangivese and vermantino varieties on one block and charaz on another block. It started out as a hobby but now have so much that I will sell the juice before it becomes wine so others can enjoy making thier own wine. I produced about 8oo lts of sangiovese and about 3000 lts of charaz juices this year. Thank you for your interest.


    Sangiovese and vermantino grapes, do they make red wine cch195? If yes, is the wine light like rose or pinot noit or a stronger red wine? 🙂

    Or maybe they make a white wine! :shrug:



    Bobee who cares, red or white, as long as it is wine!!!?



    Bobbee. Sangiovese is red. Vermantino is white.The depth of color is almost controllable by the amount of time it is left as a “MUST”. After the grapes are picked they are “CRUSHED”, this the berry is split and the stem removed. The berries and juice Are now called “MUST”, are placed in a storage vat until pressing out the juice. You can press immediately from the crush for a very light colour or at 1 or 2 days for a rose colour and up to 6 days for a dark colour. However, the longer the “MUST” is left the more the tannin content increases. The variety Vermantino is refered to as a white but the resulting wine colour can be from very pale gold to really gold and even light brown if left as a “MUST” for 7 days. Note; both of these varieties are rare in Australia. I am in W.A. and if anyone wants cuttings come and help prune and taste some of last years wine. I have started making a sparkling Vermantino, quite yummy for my first attempt. I am going to try some sparkling rose this year.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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