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Wind Farms – tell me more

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    Interesting story caddie, one that I think is true, there is an incredible amount of electric radiation around high voltage transmission lines.

    Saw a bloke on tv standing near a power line at night time holding a florescent

    light tube….and it glowed just from electricity in the air


    Yes took a couple of years for her to breed again.

    Would there be the same kind of emissions from wind farms?

    I wonder, also what kind of emissions are around nuclear plants?


    I have reasonable big transmission lines crossing a corner of my property. Having little kids I was a bit concerned. However, with my sisters help, who works for a major NSW power distributor, I borrowed a EMF meter for a little experimentation.

    The overhead cables gave off less EMF radiation than our oven or microwave.

    Interesting. Though not dismissing the effects of living under power lines constantly. There may be accumulative effects?


    That’s right slowlynow, EMF dissipates quickly with distance. You are likely to experience more In the home from heavily loaded circuits. For example within a metre of cables running between your switchboard and loads like electric hot water systems or air conditioners. Say a cable runs in the wall next to your bed or desk, you wouldn’t even be aware of the EMF being generated unless you have access to a meter to measure it.

    We were surprised at work when we measured it at different locations. One desk was adjacent to the airconditioning circuits in the wall and the levels were quite high. But a metre away they were negligible.


    In the Age today

    Link between wind farms and health problems rejected by research review

    There is no reliable or consistent evidence that wind farms directly cause human health problems, a major draft review by Australia’s leading medical research body has found.

    The review considered research into noise, shadow flicker and electromagnetic radiation from turbines and found no conclusive evidence of any direct health effects from these sources.

    It also found wind farm noise was unlikely to be heard from distances beyond 500 to 1500 metres.

    Read more:


    Thanks snags. Very interesting article. I’m finding it hard to believe that wind farms cause any of the negative impacts people say they do. We had someone from Trustpower come out the other night. He was able to answer a lot of the questions we had about the turbines and it was quite reassuring. DH picked up our ram from a farm on the weekend and they had quite a few turbines. DH said he couldn’t hear them and they looked quite majestic.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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