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Why you should never rub vaseline on citrus trees to deter ants

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    Spring is when our citrus trees are most vulnerable to scale and aphid attacks.  It is a common myth that rubbing vaseline around the trunks of fruit trees will deter ants from climbing the trees and feeding the aphids and scale.

    Please don’t do this.  It may kill your trees.  Today I wrote a blog post about this: which I hope is okay to post here.


    Thanks for sharing that r and r.   I believe Vaseline is a petroleum product, of course I may be wrong, but if so then that may have something to do with the problems you had.

    Interesting blog, I shall have a look at some of the recipes and a gander around the rest.



    It’s the same with poultry! Some people use it to make the combs of poultry shine however it causes more damage then good! Much better using some olive oil!


    I agree with Bobbie it is a petroleum product and Vicks is also based on this others advocate to use Vicks also but as I have an allergy to petroleum based skin care products I certainly would not advocate to use these on my trees or my poultry!



    Lady Bee

    Thanks Jye,  The spam has been deleted.


    We live in Canada and we are coming into winter so we are not seeing many ants lately but I know you guys are coming into summer and will probably be seeing ants everywhere soon. Here is a helpful blog that I just came across from Active Pest Solutions a local pest company here in Canada.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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