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whooping cough vaccine for grandparents?

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    yes i did see notices appear about 2 years ago in doctors waiting rooms for this ne immunisation program, but back in the 40’s and 50’s when as i understand whooping cough was a lot more common none of us or our playmates got whooping cough this was when polio was at it worst point there were lots of polio cases, before the vaccine came, this sounds like a push to sell more drugs for chem’ co’ and investor profits, we’ve already been involved with 5 grandchildren over the past 3 to 17 years one was premature in a humidi crib for some time, but no whooping cough even after our youngest then 2 was at day care when a mother bought a child in with whooping cough.

    i have CFS and an immune system i am trying to keep as strong as possible have 4 op’s in hospitals over the past 5 years and not one hint of any staph’ or other infection as i before my procedures i pump up the C, D and B as well, then get right back on them after to op’ one op’ was a stripping a veracious vein doc’ couldn’t believe i had no infection in the groin incision. he looked at me very suspiciously and asked again like i had some infection and hid it.

    my parents didn’t need vaccine, my wife’s parents didn’t need it, my grandparents didn’t need it and to date we haven’t needed it and never heard any news topics fingering grandparents as grandchild killers??

    wife’s mum was given flu shot and every year she got bad flu, had a friend got a pneumonia shot he ended up in hospital 6 weeks on life support doc’s want his wife to pull the plug they could have killed him very lucky bloke hey? i keep telling my doc’s no way jose not for me.

    anyhow sounds like my minds made up against it, with new grandchild due in july the screws will be applied to me in the face of no common evidence.

    so if i have it i could end up dead from whooping cough



    I had a triple anitgen booster 2 years ago now and I had a reaction to it in the jab sight,turns out it was a 4in 1 and included polio,which I wasnt told about mind you.

    I got this done due to my work environment only.

    I have a friend who gets the flu vac every year also due to her work environment and always comes down with a terrible cold.I have never succumbed to this jab and doubt I ever will,as I rarely get a cold.


    Hi Len,

    Please know that I rarely get “preachy” but I think on this point I have to present the other side of the story.

    I’m no doctor but in relation to your points about vaccination I would say:

    Yes, it is true that with flu vaccination you can still get the flu. The vaccine is made up of 3 strains of the flu virus that are expected to be the most severe/common that year. You can still get the other strains of the flu (which constantly and rapidly evolves).

    Yes, people can have reactions to vaccines, or the component parts (eg egg), but this could also be said for anything we absorb into our system (foods and medicines alike).

    The primary idea of whooping cough vaccination for grandparents isn’t really to protect the grandparent, it’s to protect the grandchild. There is a heartbreaking story (and some details on infection rates/deaths in Australia) here and here

    Of course your decision to vaccinate is completely up to you and I most certainly respect that, however I would make one very important final point. As you say in your own post polio was a commonplace. Now, because of vaccination, there are only three countries in the world where it is endemic. This very point would prove that vaccination can work and save many lives. All the best :hug:


    yes agree gumnut, vaccination has worked, polio, measles etc.,. but none of those were for people in their 50’s and 60’s been through a lot of life built up immunities, no doubt as a kid i had whooping cough and polio vaccines, but this sounds exactly over the top and what i have read is pretty much based on fear tactics. thanks for the links will look at them but would like to see the other side, like me mate with pneumonia. he would be about the only person i ever knew who got that shot and they were about to kill him in their rush to get a bed. still would like to see the other side of the heart breakers

    give people honesty to make a conscientious decision.



    Aug 2010 I got whooping cough and got it full blast. 100 days of coughing my guts up, my pelvic floor is shot (though slowly improving thank goodness. I still can’t run or jump on the tramp or skip t hough) and I still won’t get the vaccine (didn’t even know it was available for adults, nor did I know adults can get the illness. BUT, I’m not in a position where I see young babies any more.

    At the time I got it, I was part of a mothers group and thankfully I didn’t go to the group for those weeks I was contagious.


    Our new grandbaby arrived yesterday and his parents have asked us to have the whooping cough shot.We respect their request and will both be lining up next Tuesday, but we won’t be in contact with the bub until the end of May.


    The reason we do not get epidemics is because 80% plus of the population is immunized against such things as polio and whooping cough. While I respect everyone’s opinion and choice, and agree that boosting imunes systems is always a good idea, the reality is that the incidence of these diseases is due in no small measure to the development of, and nation wide programmes of vaccination and the improvement in public health and plumbing.

    I also had whooping cough a couple of years ago as I was not aware it was available. It is an awful disease and kills small babies, damn near did me in, it was really dreadful.

    While I respect everyone’s opinion and choices, there is no doubt that world wide efforts in vaccination have saved millions of lives and many more from the side effect of diseases. A case in point,smallpox has been eradicated.

    Any way that what I think.

    Cheers and wishing all the best of health, however you choose to to do it.



    The problem with us getting these sickness is all the rubbish in our food all the chemicals. And another serious problem is lack of consideration people have for each other.

    While working for the bread company I had to work in Woolies and the amount of people who never covered their mouths when they coughed and a lot were older people who should of known better. If someone coughe din my direction I told them to cover their mouths as I didn’t want their colds.

    I always tell my granddaught off when she doesn’t cover her mouth when she coughs. Also spitting on the ground is another filthy habit some people have today. Don’t they know it spreads germs

    I don’t have the flu shot and never have. Hubby did for a while and every year he got really ill. Then when they put the swine flu in the flu shot he stopped having it and he hasn’t been sick since. A friend ended up in hospital after she had the injection. The doctor said they had seen a lot of people with the same problems all having the same injections.

    I have an under active Thyroid and I take 2 Multi vitimins each day as well as eating as much organic vegetables as we can. Son give Bubs a childrens multi and Vit c eavery day as well.


    We have a baby due shortly. I have asked my inlaws who will be spending lots of time of time with their grandchild to get vaccinated. They have already been to the doctor and arranged for it to be done.


    I got whooping cough in my twenties, it was horrid and scary. The neighbour thought I had severe asthma.

    It is of course totally up to you whether to get the vaccine and I am mostly against them, but if your immune system is already strong, a vaccine should not cause any/many side affects.


    There are always Some people who are not able for one reason or another, who should not have vaccines. But Robyne has made a really important point. Good hygiene will prevent the spread of many bacteria and viruses. I really dislike the attitude of those who ” soldier on”. The best way to prevent the spread of disease is to keep it out of crowded work places etc. If you have Flu, don’t take it to others, cause when you do that you give it to more and do more to reduce the productivity of the workplace than if you had just stayed home. It is not an admirable trait to assume you MUST be at work, after all very few of us are indispensable. Now we have so much international travel we are exposed to so many more bugs and the opportunity to catch things we were not exposed to in past years is so much greater.

    I also believe that those of us who avoid chemicals and eat healthily, and we all must spend lots of time outdoors are probably. Less likely to catch anything at least that’s what I hope.


    Gumnut, you didn’t sound preachy at ALL, just like a smart person :hug:

    So do parents of small children need whooping cough vaccine?? obviously, my kids, having had all their jabs will have had it,buti am trying to think of a nice way to ask, is the need for grandies to get vacc’d becuase they were not able to have it ealrier in life? Like at 30 years old, would i have been vaccinated as a child?


    Vickie, I am 35 and I guess I wasn’t vaccinated as a child to get it in my 20’s


    I know of 3 adults who had it locally last year that were sick for quite a while themselves. Probably worth thinking about from that point as well. But the main reason they are pushing it locally is the “herd immunity” locally has dropped to a point that that it is starting to circulate and affect kids too young vaccinate (they are ending up in hospital very ill). Part of the problem is older adults whose immunity to whooping cough had dropped picking up a mild dose and spreading it without realising. Locally it’s not so much the non vaccinating parents that is an issue in other parts of the country.


    Oh they are suggesting booster shots for adults in contact with new babies.

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