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    Check this article out Len, click here! It’s an article in todays SMH, detailing Obama quoting an Australian researcher, well worth a look!

    If after reading that your not coming around, well you never will I guess!



    you may view that your way, obama endorsing something does nothing for me as all polititions are driven by ego and greed it is how the game is played, yes i had a bit of read, and yes as others already know here but fail to remember we do agree humans are effecting the weather climate, those moguls and greedy gov’s who allow complete decimation of our habitat forest and who cause the damage(why not make them pay in such a way they can’t pass it down to the needy).

    and one poster said about batteries and how south oz produces 20% of its power from wind(no clarity there if the power is produced when it is needed) and also the poster does not seem to have replied if these batteries he mentioned are in asia or SA?

    warming/cooling, rising patches of sea melting glacias that have refrozen and no mention made, all grabbing stuff outa the air.

    the question always has been is there irrefutable evidence that anyone can see that says exactly CO2 is causing anything let alone climate cahnge.

    the climate has had changes since the year dot(that has interesting conotations in the science world – dot?) we have pulled most of our habitat down and we continue to do so (we – means those who have power), the javian and malaysian jungles to grow oil palms the congo(where locals can’t grow food so they are eating the animals of teh jungle), the amazon, that effects weather climate. but where is this CO2 climate change taking effect? mid west coast of africa a greedy despot ripping(sounds like the free world gov’s hey?) all the oil gas out of his peoples land and clearing a huge chunk of jungle to build a new city befitting his stature, the av’ age of the common people life is around 55% the rich av’ 77%.

    a big chunk of malaysian jungle destroyed to creat an automotive manufacturing city, we really don’t need more models of cars or more cars hey? right when ford and holden in oz have been given huge subsidies taken from public care and health.

    i didn’t ask the state gov’ to sell off this area where we live, and pull down the natural bush in favour of pine trees, on av’ 1 acre blocks trees that are pushed down and burnt. greed of the upper echelon did this, they continue to push down bush and mild close density homes on 300 to 400 sq/m blocks near the city yet this estate has oodles of vacant land, what a waste hey?

    edited in: talk about rash claims they are saying that someone was recording CO2 levels 200 and 300 years ago? WHY? they hardly recorded weather events.

    thank you



    g’day toad,

    so these batteries are only being developed not up and running as yet, the simple question was are the batteries being used/developed in south oz?

    anyhow can’t see that storing expensive pwoer will make it any more affordable.

    thank you



    Toad post=355933 wrote: Life is what you make it. :tup:

    So true.

    Len here are the FACTS and here are the ANSWERS to global warming.

    The facts are we humans are polluting the atmosphere with more and more CO2 & CO2e which enhances the natural greenhouse effect which causes global temps to rise.

    The answer is reduce this CO2 & CO2e release by burning less fossil fuels and dramatically reduce the worlds human population. As this is highly unlikely (remember we seem to be living in an economy not a natural system) there is nothing you can do that will alter the current upward pollution trajectory.

    My suggestion is just live as responsible, sustainable, self sufficient and principled life as possible.

    And do this as much as you can: :cheer: :laugh: :hug:


    thanks porgey,

    we are trying to live as sustainably as possible, but our only reward seems to be getting priced out of living by this CO2 factor, bandaide that will deliver nothing but less CO2 maybe.

    not putting new ideas down, toad, i am a supporter of people having unsubsidised stand alone power not grid supported subsidised, the thing is the renewables system is not as yet set up to deliver, be like inventing and selling a car then thinking about wheels sometime later hey chuckle, you know the cart before the horse stuff. and as for shutting what we have down before we have an alternative that really is inane.

    take care



    There more subsidies for fossil fuels than there are for green energy are you against those to

    Yet governments around the world still pour billions of dollars into supporting fossil fuel production and use every year.

    Money utilised to prop up the fossil fuel industry dwarfs investment in renewable energy.

    This is a backwards policy that needs to change.

    …global fossil fuel subsidies were more than seven times higher than renewable energy subsidies


    gardenlen post=355851 wrote: most don’t live in retirement homes they can little afford to.


    Len just as a point of interest, both my parents lived their final years in an Aged Care Facility and the only money they had was their age pension. Their pension covered the facilities charges and government regulations ensured they were left with 15 dollars per pension each for ‘spending money’.

    So far, no government, as far as I know, has left the aged and infirm with no help at all available to them.

    I should point out that my parents had children who searched high and low across Victoria for about 12 months to find the facility with a high standard of care that we found acceptable and where places were available.


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