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    I started my own blog, recently, so wondering if we can make a list somehow of  everyones.

    Here is mine Tales of Time. Tried to do the shortcut thing but it didn’t work on preview. I have noticed that a lot on this new site.

    Anyway love to read others.


    I have one. My main site is where I have the following as menu items:

    I have a weather station and publish the results on my Weather Station page. This is updated every few minutes and has historical data from the start of 2014.
    I have a Home and Garden blog, an Adventures blog where I write about things like bush walks I’ve done and my Weather Blog where I write about the weather station and other geeky things I get up to.
    There aren’t too many recent posts but I will add to them as things crop up.

    I have a blog although I haven’t really been very good at keeping it up to date (just checked and the last post was March 2014 …..ooops), I switched from the Blogger format over to wordpress, as I was using wordpress for a few other projects, and thought it would be easier using the one format rather than switching between the two, and I think WordPress had a few more features than blogger at the time, but that didnt really seem to help much. 

    I have also set up a FB page as a bit of a blog as it is so much easier to upload photos quickly without being on a computer.

    I had been thinking I really should get back to blogging as its nice to look back and read over the old stuff, FB doesn’t really have that, it is very much about the “now”
Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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