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    I don’t like posting things for sale here, but thought that someone here may be interested. Dorper sheep are fantastic for hobby farmers and people into self sufficiency, being a shedding sheep they are less work than fleece type sheep. They grow fat on feed that other sheep wont touch and they often have twin lambs.

    I have a great little starter flock of 12 white face Dopers and dorper cross sheep for sale, pick up from Cowra – $800 (that makes it around $66 each). I am willing to negotiate on price if they can be picked up soon.

    You will have some sheep breeding now, some almost ready to breed, and others almost ready for the freezer. They are very tame and friendly, some eat out of your hand, they run over to you when called. The ram is very calm and is happily fed and patted by my young kids.

    Pure dorper:

    1 Ram

    1 Ewe

    1 Ewe Lamb

    F4 (level of shedding not yet known):

    2 Ewe Lambs

    1 ram lamb (can wether if wanted)

    1 wether lamb


    1 Ewe

    2 Ewe Lambs


    2 Ewe’s, 1 is full shedding

    All lambs are 2013 drop. Ewes are running with pure dorper Ram so very likely pregnant. We cannot deliver so please do not ask. Selling as a package only. I seem unable to include pictures, but can email them if you message me.


    Wish I was closer 🙁 you won’t have any trouble selling them at that price.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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