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    Hi everyone! I’ve recently discovered the joys of sauerkraut and have been reading about fermentation crocks. All of the ones I have found online seem expensive ($200+) 🙁 I just wanted to ask:

    * If you have a crock where did you get it from?

    * Is around $200 the norm?

    * Are they necessary, (I’ve found lots of websites claiming you can make your own from jars and such)?

    * Do they affect the taste of ferments

    * What other than fermented veg, can be made in a crock?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


    Gumnut I have never made my own kimchi or sauerkraut, it’s on my ‘to do’ list. But I am lucky enough to be given regular pressies of home made kimchi and it is made in a large glass jar and is delicious.



    I just use a jar as well


    I’ve started making sauerkraut and fermented vegies and just visited the local op shop and bought those old glazed flour and sugar jars (often without the lids, but you can get over that problem) for a couple of $’s. Also you can use the ceramic inserts of crockpots – again from the op shop. You can also use the mason type wide-mouthed jars (1 ltre size upwards), or anything similar with a wide mouth that’s either glass or glazed. (Or food grade plastic buckets or smaller depending on how much you want to make.)

    Some say that it is better in the glazed containers because it is dark, while others say to do it in the jars and cover with a t-towel.

    I’m using both glass & pottery and getting great results so far.

    One of my favourite vegie ferments is cutting up chokoes in very thin julienne strips, along with carrot, added garlic, ginger and a couple of chillies. It’s fantastic!


    White plastic food grade buckets work


    Some glazes have lead, which is leached out by acid. Quite a few stories around about lead poisoning from Kombucha in glazed vessels. Bendigo pottery make good vessels that don’t have lead glazes.


    I use a Bendigo bread crock, but Fowlers jars or any wide mouth jar will work. So will a white plastic bucket as Snags says. Home Brew shops are a good start to look for new items, op shops for secondhand.

    You can do any pickles , like dill cucumbers and Pickled veg in them too.’I use one for cider too .Wish I could add a pic for you but can’t see how.

    Cheers Chookie


    I’m reading the art of fermentation by Sandor Katz, and he suggests jars as well as crocks, maybe you could experiment with the jars until you know how ‘into’ fermenting your going to get. Have a look on eBay there are heaps that are pretty reasonable. Sandor also has a pretty incredible website with heas of terrific information. I also highly recommend his book and he is happy to answer emails too 🙂



    Thank you so much everyone. Yesterday I decided to take the plunge and start to experiment. I found an old large jar (that previously had store bought pickles in it), googled a recipe for sauerkraut and started my first batch. Photo below. I’m a happy girl so far. Using a container of water and some quartered outer leaves instead of those weights you see with the bought crocks.

    Thanks again everyone for your help! I’ll keep you updated on progress 🙂

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    Sounds good Gumnut, I’m interested to hear your progress 🙂


    Thats great gumnut.. I make my own kimchi & have been experimenting with seaweed. I love it.. I’m sure you will be hooked now 🙂


    An update – this was day 3. Not much different today but bubbles have started to collect at the top of the brine.

    Thanks for the help and encouragement. If this turns out ok, I’m thinking I’ll try kimchi next. Anyone know a good online guide/recipe?

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    I’m a bit late, but I use what is known as a Fido jar on some websites. This website convinced me:

    I’ve been making sauerkraut for a few months now, most of them turned out fantastic (except one which had a dodgy seal). I had so many of these jars around the place, but had no idea they’d be so useful for fermenting.

    I’ve got a couple of kraut’s bubbling away as I type. Gotta make some more! We’ve also made gherkins and pickled onions and preserved garlic in them.. and the kefir lives in them too. Most were found at op-shops and just need new sealing rings.


    Thanks for that purplehat! I’m going to order myself some fido jars this weekend. Hopefully though my test batch will be ok. Had a taste yesterday, was very salty and a little bit tangy so going to leave two more days. If anything starts growing on it though I’m going to turf it! 🙂


    Question  – can these be used to ferment sauerkraut and pickles.? It is why I bought them and now I am unsure. All help appreciated.

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