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Where to buy preserving jars.

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    Hi All

    I have an old Vacola bath preserving rig with a few bottle but i will be needing to vastly expand my jar and seal collection. Does anyone know where you can buy the jars now? I know they used to be at grocery stores and hardware stores but i havent seen any for years.


    Hi Michael1973,

    I am not sure it’s the same in QLD but down here in Vic the mitre 10 hardware store chain has access to FV products. I have never actually bought jars from there always managed to find enough for me to get by in op shops but I have bought seals, clips and lids so it might be worth a ring around to gauge availability.

    I have also heard of a lot of people getting FV jars from Ebay so that might be worth a check out too.

    Kind Regards



    We buy our sonline. Tere’s a bunch of places selling Fowlers Vacola stuff. We mostly use old commercial jam jars which we scrounge of neighbours. We get the new lids online as well. and are two of the ones we use (no affiliation, just happy customers)




    I order online through :

    They were the cheapest I could find, and their service has been great very fast delivery.

    Just checked site is down atm but check them later.


    I got mine mainly at Op Shops and some from eBay. πŸ˜‰


    Op shops are good for the jars. The seals and lids and things that you replace every time, not so much.

    Judi B

    I have a ton of them just let people know that you want some and you will have more than you could ever use.

    I have seen them for sale in the OP shops just tell the ladies and they will keep an eye out for them, garage sales and at the country markets, Mitre 10 have them also but you may need to order them, I use Stainless Steel lids and if you are careful opening the jars you can get many years out of them.


    I think Judi is right, let people know you want them and people will come from everywhere with them. I buy my lids, clips and rings on ebay but jars i have way to many, my husband hates them lol :clap:


    Ooh can you have too many jars? Last year I bought 70 second hand #20’s from a second hand shop for $50 – despite not having much to preserve I’ve used up all my existing jars (some inherited, some from a neighbour, some new) and only have about 25 jars left!


    Ebay op shops


    If you can’t get them secondhand which is where all mine are from. Fowlers are in Melbourne in Racecourse Rd not far from the hospitals. I think when I picked some lids up there, they said they could post stuff to me. Probably more practical for new rings and lids than the bottles.


    A mate of mine was at the dump and met a lady who was throwing out 50 of different sizes so she asked f she could have them, I have them now. When my aunt used to vacola fruit at the farm, when she opened them she punched a small hole with a skewer and then my uncle would put a spot of solder on them and they were ready to use again. I guess it was OK cause we are all still here! We can get them at David Jones here


    Our major newspaper (The Advertiser) has a free lift-out every Friday that has free classified ads in it. DH says that they have it in every state’s newspaper. That’s where I bought both bulk lots of my Fowlers jars from, rather cheaply. I buy extra rubber seals/lids etc on ebay – mostly from Ozfarmer Australia. You can never have too many jars!!


    Or plastic storage boxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


    Not vacola, but I got new jars and “pop-top” lids from Plasdene and we have been using them.


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