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Where do you buy your seeds from?

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    I like the Franchi seeds for price and amount. I can also recommend the others mentioned. Link is below.


    I use Cornucopia and The Lost Seed


    I use Eden, always successful, however I am very impressed by the way they give instructions on the back of some seed packets on how to save seeds, even adding these days it is very important to keep old and naturally pollinated species from becoming extinct. Dont know of any other seed supplier who encourages seed saving.

    By the way Yates is owned by Monsanto, so I wont touch them.


    I grow using Diggers Seeds and have had great germination rates. I love the whole philosophy of The Diggers Club and am an avid member and subscriber. A bit dissapointed to hear a complaint so I hope Diggers hears that and responds. My philosophy is to only eat and grow food sourced from within 30 kilometers and Diggers fits that boundary. One tip is when sowing seeds water in with Lyn Bagnalls Epsom Salt solution, has helped me. Best of luck and enjoy. Cheers GR.


    I have just ordered from Eden and gat the order in 24hrs! :jawdrop: Fantastic:tup:


    greenpatch seed based on mid northcoast of nsw – have a website with online purchase

    phoenix seed in Tas, since 1981 – no website but email –, fax 0362679592, or po box 27, snug, tas, 7054 – will mail a catalogue

    eden seed very good, but some var. not true to type as they rely on growers outside of their own production

    inspect seed savers network –

    po box 975

    byron bay 2481

    contribute to preserving heritage seeds yourself and network with many seed saving networks around oz


    HI Paula, yep, from a shop 🙂 3 that I know of here – one health food store, the organic store and a produce store.


    can recommend cornucopia seeds, great variety and fast delivery. also ebay for seeds. lots of varietys on there and just wait for there clearance prices. its where i got heaps of cool varieties of seeds recently ( and then found out we had to move house, so cant plant till end of Feb) lolz

    cheers Kate

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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