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When your kids wont get out of the bath/shower!

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    Oh my God.. she is prune worthy.. when will my 3 year old finally realise the water is cold and willingly get out? Those that wont listen feel I guess!


    If it is a bath .. just pull the plug… or turn the light out <(probably NOT the best option for a 3 yr old I guess)

    if in a shower, I generally turn the hot-water on for a few seconds or so. The water pressure drops, and only the cold water comes out … 🙂 .. nothing new in those ideas I suspect…


    if it’s the shower, turn the pump off


    My 3 year old will sit in the bath for ages. I give her a ‘last play’ warning. Then i say ‘plug out’, if she says ‘no’ then straight away i lean to do it, but she almost always pulls it first, because she hates being in as the water drains. Next step is sit wet and cold on the ‘naughty chair’ we have never got that far.

    Being that 3 is still small, just lift them out?


    Other than being pruney, is there any other reason she needs to get out?

    If not, leave her there. We don’t get out if we’re enjoying it or

    relaxing (or whatever reason), so why should she?


    I am a bit with Bron on this one. Kids love all sorts of different environments and a warm bath is such a lovely place to just sit, relax, play & be. Water is an intrinsic and instinctual environment for humans, especially children, and if there are no pressing reason to remove your three year old from the tub I would leave him/her there. The world is so over stimulated at the moment that any chance to help your child relax, be free, and learn to enjoy soothing experiences should be encouraged imho.


    I’m with Porgey and Bron!! Also she/he might be enjoying your eagerness to get her out – even to the point of enduring some discomfort!!! :laugh: :laugh: If the child is safe, and there’s no other real reason to have to get out

    – leave it be – as long as you don’t think he/she will turn hot water back on if able to do so.


    I have older kids too now and even young adults – they still don’t get out easily – at home i turn off the pump or light once i’ve issued all warnings – and then play dumb about it – but when they are young i let them play as long as they want, so long as they are not cold or preventing others form getting ready as well.

    Try using the next event to get her out if you need her out more quickly.

    Eg a warm chocolate drink or going some where in particular – something she really likes – or a special thing to wear (clothes or some essential oil or such) or pretty hair things)



    I find the threat of an ice cream container of cold water works well to get littlen’s out of the bath


    I just leave my granddaughter in the bath she is the one getting cold not me. She is 6 so knows the

    difference. :woohoo:

    We have timers in the showers so if it goes off and you are not finished bad luck. You learn to wash quickly.

    I know it seems tough but we are on tanks so we have to be strict with our water.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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