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    We have a heatwave looming next week in Adelaide – 40+ for 5 days! Wandering around the garden today, I’ve got lots of daisies, hebes, buddlia etc which are in need of a prune. Should I do this tomorrow ahead of the excessive heat, or wait until after the heatwave? Pruning now would presumably mean less stress/water needed, but would leave the new shoots exposed to the sun and are likely to burn. There are too many spread out around the garden to think about covering them – I will be saving all my covers for the vegies and recently planted trees for life seeds!

    What’s your advice?

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    I would wait until after a heatwave, if it were me. And it most likely will be the same here, Victoria normally gets Adelaide’s weather, a few days after.

    But I think they would have more chance of survival intact, with no exposed cut off bits, where moisture can escape from.

    I hope you don’t lose too much dierich!


    yep same here, I wont be attacking anything till this heatwave leaves adelaide.

    Im thinking I will go and pick my zucchinis tonight, even the ones that are a little small. figure if the plants arent putting all their effort into the fruit, they may stand a better chance of survival

    Ive been wanting to mow my yards too, but they can wait as well


    Definitely leave everything alone ’til after the heatwave. Having a hot one here in Perth 43 degrees as I type. All I did this morning was get up early, deep water and covered some vulnerable plants with old cotton sheets (mulched as much as I could earlier). I did buy a pack of Stressguard but it was pretty expensive. I have a couple of smaller/newer plants given to me as gifts I didn’t want to lose so last night I treated them (I felt really guilty picking and choosing who got it and who didn’t…). Will report back as I’ve never used it before.

    Stay cool everyone.


    Agree,after. The things will be stressed enough trying to cope with the heat, rather than forming new growth. Plus, the extra foliage can’t hurt with keeping the soil cooler ( can’t imagine it’ll be much help, but every bit will count).

    My plants need a prune but it won’t happen till March, cos the chooks need the shade till then.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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