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When should roosters start crowing?

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    Got some home hatched chicks here. They are now on the 20 week mark and I really can’t tell who is who/what sex still. When should roos start crowing?


    According to my DH not until at least 7.00 am :woohoo: :cheer: :laugh: :ohmy: :blush:


    Possibly earlier with DLS LOL

    You can usually tell by the tail feathers also ,if they dont point upwards they should be hens.

    SO go and check out their butts.

    That’s how we’re sexing ours ATM,it’s not always 100% but it’s something .We’ve had a chook up with the girls we thought looked like a hen then he started crowing so was put back down with the boys.


    Do you know what breed they are? Need pictures 🙂


    I have 2 with tail feathers up and 2 with them down. Thought the 2 uppies would be roos, but no crowing yet.

    Not totally sure about breed, got the eggs from a neighbour who has a hard time getting his girls to sit. Maybe RIR maybe crossed?

    Will try to get pics tomorrow, my camera batteries hate me atm.


    Age of rooster crow is highly variable.

    I’ve got some 12 week old boys that are crowing lustily! But they come from early maturing stock.

    I think the latest I’ve seen was 18 weeks and that was for malay game.

    If you have no crowers at 20 weeks then it’s reasonably likely you have all girls. Tail up or down isn’t a good indication. I have one pullet (girl) with a tail that sits right up high.

    Look at the neck and back feathers and the feathers just at the base of the tail. These would be much more pointy and slender in the male at that age. You might also see pointier feathers over the back in general, and of course there would be differences by now in the size of comb and wattles. Wattles in the males are much brighter and danglier at this age. And the legs would be longer and bigger.

    But by 20 weeks a RIR cross should be well on the way to crowing.



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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