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    Local lawyer

    Actually, was the design that ended up as the dragon on the other page 😀

    Kids seem to like like both :tup:

    ssssnake-ingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Lady B after making an earlier request :kiss:

    My bodyguard alert and watching out ‘coz Lady B knows where I live 😀

    Another quiet day at the office 😀

    Scarecrow still does not know I am in the workshop :tup:

    hidingly yours

    Doc 😉


    The dragons are great! Keep up the great work, Doc. I hope you have sent me a price list. 🙂


    Hi folks :wave:

    To all of you who are still waiting, I am getting there, slowly but surely. :geek:

    I have googled extensively and am sure that the end of the world is not likely to occur over the weekend so I hope to catch up with some more gear then.

    Still sorting the pricelist, Bella. <insert excuse not used for a few days here>

    BTW, anybody attend the Clare Food Wine and Art Show each first Sunday :shrug:

    I have received a request to sell there, but only quality stuff. <—I tried to tell them that was all I sell, hurumpf 😐

    If ya do go, I will be there.

    If ya do not, I will still be there 😀

    Hope to have some of my bigger stuff on display, too.

    Prolly even bring Scarecrow as my eye candy babe :kiss:

    flat-outingly yours

    Doc 😉

    Edited coz Doc is not really a difficult word to spell :geek:



    You are an amazing artist and an amazing person.




    Gourds can make some great musical instruments of the stringed kind


    Yes, I have made gourd instruments like drums, small banjos like mini-zithers. :metal:

    Scarecrow has not grown any big/long gourds for me yet to make bigger stuff which is fine.

    I prefer that she grows pumpkins instead ,but she seems to find a fence or two to grow those little ones for me :kiss:

    My real medium is wood, he says, sounding like a real artist :geek:

    Back to sawdust manufacturing :wave:

    artistingly yours

    Doc 😉

Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)
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