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    On ya bike takes a new turn:

    Before dinosaurs discovered smoking:

    Need a helping hand:

    Fortunately we live in pair-a-dice

    punningly yours

    Doc 😉


    Oh PLEASE say you have another one of those bikes, would love one for my motorbike mad little man. please,please,please,please.


    Gorgeous stuff Doc :clap::clap::clap:






    lovely! If you do sell these kinds of things I would be interested in a set of those dinosaurs 😉


    Doc you do some amazing work…. :clap: :clap:

    And I’m with Deb and would like some of those dinosaurs as well :tup:


    But wait, there is more:

    Ford T for two:

    Short sighted dino puzzles (not really – specs for size comparison):

    Scarecrow grew these gourds for me.

    She says I can use them once dried and smooth.

    So far, I am dry and working on smooth 😀

    Three Speckled gourds, three Spoon Gourds, a Spinning Top gourd and a partridge in a furry tree.

    Custom puzzle for a mate of mine caught horsing around:

    Thank you for your interest.

    Yes I do sell my projects but I like kids – although I could never eat a whole one, so if you PM me your addy I will post you any of the flat things – puzzles, dragons etc. for nothing.

    For custom puzzles with your pics on, send me a pic and an age that said puzzle is aimed at. PM me for my email address or check out my blog – am pretty sure it is there somewhere.

    Some of the larger items will prolly require some postage commitment.

    Sorry, this offer does not apply to spinning wheels – they are really hard to fit into an envelope. 😀

    Your address/details will not be misused nor shared with anybody nor do I require the selling of your first born.

    If I have ever sent you anything before, resend your addy because I do not keep them.

    If you are new here, I have a kind face, too 😀

    If you are a regular, see point above or ask Scarecrow :kiss:

    sawdustingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Oops. Nearly missed it.

    Dianne, PM me and I will send your little man something.

    Your son may like it, too 😀

    But hurry while sox last! Wood does not grow on trees, you know.

    bike-ingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Doc is a legend 😀


    Just out of interest, now that I am keeping Australia Post in business, is there anybody in Queensland who has not taken up the offer yet 😀

    I do not mind if there are people even in the same state as me – no, not slightly mad and somewhat befuddled, but actually ‘just down the road’ 😉

    Hopefully I will be able to get these in the mail during this week. :tup:

    befuddledingly yours

    Doc 😉


    Doc I thought you would appreciate this….

    Lets hope I can get the pic to load 🙂


    ah, doc, love your work! (and am a queenslander who hasn’t actually asked for a car 😉 )


    Ha ha, Lynnie 😀

    Have one of these. Has been getting a few re-runs/looks or whatever the term is recently, too :geek:

    Go on, Bron, ask. You know you want to 😀

    As for everybody who has made requests thus far, I have posted heaps of boxes and satchels and bags off this morning so they should reach your locations, erm, when they get there 😐

    Please read the notes that are inside each delivery. It may have an excuse for why I did or did not do something re your request :geek:

    In the meantime, I am updating my pricelist to include the approximate weight of each item and you can PM me for said pricelist.

    With all the doom and gloom around the place, get in first for Christmas and avoid the rush 😀

    postingly yours

    Doc 😉

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    get in first for Christmas and avoid the rush

    I’ll do that, Doc, as soon as I get ‘a round tuit’. :lol::lol::lol:



    They are fantastic!! You are both so inspiring!!

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)
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