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whats wrong with the world?

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    I don’t normally watch 60mins but tonight the first story got my attention – the poisonous chemicals that are flagrantly sprayed every day on our food, around the world, flowing freely into our rivers and water systems and into the air we breath.

    Shocking, depressing and leaves me thinking there is no bloody hope for the world, its in such a mess and although these chemical companies (was dupont ? mentioned) are outrageous we all need to individually stop buying the chemicals we use in our homes.

    The story on the boy in England who was born with NO EYES and other serious problems because his mother was a home GARDENER and sprayed her roses and tomatoes with that chemical ?name…that had no warning on the bottle.

    And the story of the fish growing two heads and no eyes on the Sunshine Coast because of the spray from the Macadamia farms using the very same spray.

    As the lady who lives on the fish farm next to the macademia farm yelled out “whats wrong with the bloody world”,,,

    Greed and capitalism, and inequalities…

    This story was really depressing (and its not that I wasn’t aware of it)


    I was also shocked…it is the first 60 mins episode I have watched in a couple of years.

    Is this seriousy happening??

    Does anyone live near the lady’s fish farm that the story featured??

    If it is true…WHAT ON EARTH CAN WE DO TO STOP IT!!

    Who do we write to??


    Yes, shocked but not suprised. Makes me think now what the hell we’re supposed to eat, I like to think that I only buy local/ Aussie, but now not so sure. And I love macadamia nuts!

    I think they said that chemical regulators in oz are A.R.M.U.A. I google it now.


    yes apparently itis true “by the media anyway” was in the local paper!

    I think it was endosulfin the poison the same as what they use on a lot of sugar cane for cane beatle.

    It’s funny all those beautifull friut and veg you buy that are genuinly ORGANIC have had something sprayed on them, some more than others.

    I used to work a mango orchid and if people knew how many differant sprays went on them they wouldn’t eat them especialy when they go over the qld border everything has to be dipped or fumigated for fruit fly.

    A lot of times people think washing does the trick but a lot of poisons now are systemic which means the chemical goes into tree and fruit but is supossedly safe after a with holding period.


    yet to watch it but ahve it taped si i can but won’t be shocked many have no idea of what chemical interfference there is in all level of the food we innocently buy as fresh food, and wouldn’t count on too much honesty in the organic side of retail either.

    need to grow as much of our won as possible and try i say try and buy locally if nothing else it will be a whole lot fresher, and have no food miles invloved to talk of.



    APVMA is the regulator here for ag and vet products


    With the problems that are caused from chemicals no one should use any fruit or veggies that are sprayed and that more or less means all in the stupid markets. We on ALL’S and like minded people should grow our own and barter or swap with neighbours or friends.

    But it depends how keen you are because it means work or commitment to grow your own. The sooner we all start growing our own the sooner we start on a healther lifestyle.

    I believe we can only look at this world as completely corrupted and run by the worst mental retards in history. But it is the agenda they have for all of us anyway. So you got two options do what they want and poison yourself or produce your own. This also includes trying to live as self- sufficioent as you possable can.



    we never watch 60 minutes but by fate just happened to finish watching a tape and it was on.

    It is hopeful to see this aired on mainstream TV – I already knew about it because I am already a victim of poisoning from pesticides. The problems shown in those poor children in India were terrible and frightening :@ I can see by their hands a feet that mine are slowly heading that way

    I only eat Organic and I wish people would learn and stop buying “poison” food.



    The one thing which should have stood out to every one is that the wind is carrying this stuff a long way. Have seen it in use here and from the Macadamia nut plantations it is only a fence line to strawberries and pineapples.

    It is carried by the wind to your roof and then washed into your tank if like us you have only tank water. This is one reason why all my drinking, cooking water goes through a double filter.

    Once again we are being used as a dumping ground by the major players. When 62 counties can ban this stuff why are our government/ regulators so slow. The effects of the chemicals has been noted by the government departments responsible over many years.

    Just hope that this report may help.


    Im not sure that the English boy is definitely a victim, unless his mother actually drenched everything with the antifungal and didnt follow any safety advice. Could also turn out to be just a random genetic/developmental abnormality.

    Certainly believe the fish and the Indian children. Frogs are also a great indicator of water health, their development is easily influenced by chemicals.

    Having studied hort at uni level, all I can say is that many growers are very aware of these things, after all for every trace of chemical on an apple they have to handle barrels of the stuff, and they love their children too! Theres a lot of work going into safer alternatives, unfortunately the dual goal of both safer and cheaper is often hard to achieve. Keep encouraging it with your consumer dollar.


    Some of the interview transcript:

    LIZ HAYES: Further tests detected chemicals like carbendazim and endosulfan were now in the local lake and river system (Noosa River). Chemicals known to cause birth defects in humans.

    MATT LANDOS (vet):]Carbendazim is a fungicide, but it’s quite well published that it affects the development of the embryo.

    Carbendazim affects human foetuses.

    ….and more

    JUVERIA MEMON: I would have been spraying it in the very early stages of my pregnancy.


    And what was the purpose of the the spraying? What kind of things were you spraying in the garden?

    JUVERIA MEMON: It’s a fungicide, you know. So you spray roses, you spray apple trees, you spray vegetables. You spray something quite happily because you, there’s no warnings on it.

    Juveria and Khalid joined 11 others in a class action, suing the manufacturer, Dupont, for damages. But both mother and son refused an offer of $150,000 to settle the case.


    GWEN GILSON: When you look at the birth defects, I’ve actually got little silver perch that were born without eyes, and that is one of the side effects of carbendazim

    Geneticist, paediatricians, scientists etc.etc are all in agreement on the effects…People who persist in saying maybe its not so, should go and work for James Hardie.

    Asbestos is in abundance on many building sites around the world (its a booming business) and the countries that use it, eg. Canada, think mesothelioma and the health concerns are rubbish. Like the cigarette companies selling cancer. When are we going to learn that companies are about profit, profit, lies, profit and will use whatever propaganda in their powers (money can buy anything).


    There was an article a few months ago of a boy in the USA who also was born without eyes and the chemicals were coming over from the the next door farm as well as aerial spraying.


    Kids do get born with deformities, not related to agricultural chemicals. and lung cancer occurred long before tobacco was introduced to Europe.

    Not every cancer or deformity is necessarily due to a chemical exposure, sometimes when there is a concentration of cases you can identify a cause, not always.

    Would you sue your busdriver because one of his passengers may have had an incipient cold, which you might have caught while on the bus, of course not. And if everyone on the bus that day died of swine flu, would you still sue? If the busdriver knew that someone on the bus had swine flu and sneezed on every other passenger, and they then died, should you sue? Should all busdrivers be trained in detecting potential communicable diseases and have the resources to contain any potential outbreaks?

    Where do we draw the line with responsibility?


    You wouldn’t be able to sue the busdriver… He’d be dead… 😀


    We draw the line where the other 62 countries have, after scientific and medical testing. Do we have to spend years researching what has all ready been proven.

    As for your bus driver I think the argument is pretty Lame. Like the farmer on the show they are not interested in looking at the reality until some one does sue them. They look at their profit and if they are gong to be sued then that effects their profit. they will close their eyes until they are dragged screaming into the daylight.

    By your argument 62 countries around the world are wrong.

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