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    Some people are just sh!#s. No, they’re not as useful as a sh!# even. May karma catch up with her threefold for that nasty, nasty attitude. [Angry]



    I’m with you – can’t believe people can be like that, particularly if they are not moving into the house on the same day!:jawdrop:

    When we moved last year, we weren’t actually moving in until about 6 weeks (horror story of old house sale falling through!). The people we bought off were just lovely and on the settlement day the Agent rang to say they were having trouble getting out in time…

    So what to say – No Problems – we got the keys, told them to keep a set and move the rest of the stuff the next day or if they needed longer to let us know.

    They finished up late that night (though we did not expect them to), cleaned the house after they moved and left us a box of chocolates, a thank you card and a bottle of champagne (Moet, no less).

    We still collect their mail and let them know when its here!

    I really really feel for you because it just costs nothing to be nice.:(:(



    lngferretter wrote:

    They finished up late that night (though we did not expect them to), cleaned the house after they moved and left us a box of chocolates, a thank you card and a bottle of champagne (Moet, no less).

    That is exactly what I was going to do. I had the flowers organised to be delivered the next day when we were completely out and a box of locally made chocolates. Got those cancelled and comforted myself with the chocolate. :uhoh:


    [quoteThat is exactly what I was going to do. I had the flowers organised to be delivered the next day when we were completely out and a box of locally made chocolates. Got those cancelled and comforted myself with the chocolate. :uhoh:

    Good for you! I would have left them a box of chocolates after the dreaded drama day and hoped they choked on them!! But that’s just me….. :rol:


    You poor love. Bits of advice given above are good – they ARE still your goods unless they were a part of the contract of sale. You may be liable for rent on the shed or removal and storage of the goods, however they are still your goods. I’ve recently sold a property in Qld and trust me, if there was anything left that was mine I would move heaven and earth to get it back.

    In our very recent purchase the vendor got stuck at the last minute with his new property settlement being set back a further week. Not a problem (we thought), we agreed he could store what was left in the shed for a week or however long it took. It wasn’t until we turned up on settlement day at 1.30pm to find he still hadn’t packed a bloody thing that it became a bit of a problem. The house we had been renting had been re-possessed by the bank so we had to get out, no choice. We went home, finished our packing, came back here at 4.30 and literally helped him move his stuff out, including vacuuming the floors and cleaning the cupboards.

    A week later his removalist turned up and we carefully supervised the removal of his items from the shed. The reason we carefully supervised was not so that anything of our was ‘accidentally’ taken but to make sure that everything of his was that wasn’t on the contract. Fortunately for us it was all pretty amicable but honestly it could have turned as nasty as yours has. HBG is 100% correct, the agent is and was working for you as the vendor. I would definitely be having a word with the REIQ. Their behaviour appears to have been at the least less than ethical.

    Best of luck for the future. Tamborine Mountain is a wonderful place.




    I’m so sorry Leecy. There are some right a## h*#*s out there. I don’t understand how they can live with themselves. There is absolutely no need to be like that and I don’t understand what they get out of it. I hope you can find a way to get your stuff back. I’m afraid I wouldn’t know where to start.:hug::hug::hug:


    What a bunch of wankers! 😡

    Hope you get this sorted Leecy.

    When we sold our house a few years back we had a ‘not so nice’ the buyers were three weeks late with their finance approval. We let is slide and didn’t penalise them financially (like our settlement agent suggested) because they seemed like nice people and had their heart set on the place. As it happened, my hubby had been given the wrong form to sign and (as he works away) couldn’t sign the ammended form until a few days after the deadline. They ended up charging us $1000 per day in penalties! *xxxx*s!

    Yep, karma will get those *xxxx* so and so’s… I hope it works out for you.



    sad indictment of human nature, unless it is writting and signed this easily happens. lots of object lessons here of course least of which is when you leave a property ou sell for the last time have a big enough truck to carry all your belongings.

    all i can say is our blessing for your new place and move on from what has happened, i would not persue any legal avenue.

    might be better for the future to have space between settlement of a sale and settlement of a purchase? a bit of breathing space, or move lots of stuff out early though there is no guarantees that, that is pefect we got caught out and it cost us heaps when a buyer absconded and didn’t settle.



    Have you tried the Real Estate Institute and failing that I’d go to the media.

    It’s ridiculous – most people do sort it out between themselves on the day – what a sad, sad person.

    I don’t know that most people would know that would happen to them, so the media could be a good option.



    As I have said it *is* in the contract of sale, that any items left on the property after settlement are considered abandoned and we have no jurisdiction there anymore. There is no legal way to get it back according to our solicitors/lawyers.

    I’m just glad the boys got the most expensive items out of the shed first thing and “escaped” with those. Besides, we did lose alot of “junk” that I’m secretly glad didn’t make it here.

    They’ll get theirs im fairly confident. 😉


    Gosh reading your post made my blood boil – what makes someone become so petty and mean :shrug:

    We have our house on the market at the moment (has been for 4 bleedin months but that’s another story!) and this has certainly given me some food for thought.

    At least you have the right attitude and can start afresh in your gorgeous new house. Bah to the nasty cow in your old house – but I guess karma will take care of her.


    Well, you have received a lot of good advice, so I won’t add to it, except to say that I think you should involve someone else. Go to the police and explain what happened, and they may be able to give you some good advice. What a terrible thing for someone to do, though. Lorraine


    sadly as you say ‘anon’ the law is on the side fo the other party, dunno but just maybe if you could get them to mediation or some neutral level you may find a window? it may mean you offer them some compensation for the inconvenience caused?? yeh i know it comes under the swallowing of humble pie, but it may turn out a lot cheaper than having to replace all that stuff and you may even part on friendlier terms.

    never pay heed to or believe real estate people.

    good luck should you try a softer approach.



    Are there any “act of God” or “exceptional circumstances” within the contract? I’d be querrying the REIQ to see if there are means within “natural distaster” by which your goods could be redeemable.

    These were exceptional circumstances involving a natrual disaster where roads were closed.

    You may find more answers away from solicitors and police, because once the word “contract” is used, they’re often bound by the letter of the law. Yet there are many organisations which can intervene when circumstances fall outside normal circumstances.

    Having a contract doesn’t mean beyond scrutiny. 😉

    I’m off to look at the photos of your new property now. :tup:

    sewing ladysewing lady

    Beautiful place

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