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    I would have told them to call the police. The whole while keep on lugging your stuff out (double time). Even when the police arrive, keep lugging. (ask one of them to ‘grab the other end of this would you?) :).

    By the time the police says “might as well let them finish”, you’d be almost finished. I woud not even have entered into a discussion with the new owners. Telling them to take it up with the agent.

    Of course, it’s so easy to say when looking though someone else’s retrospectoscope.

    Bad luck indeed.


    Our solicitors are lawyers as well and have said we can’t do a thing about it, and to expect an invoice in the mail should they get someone else to clean it out. It was all set out in the standard contract of sale. Live and learn I guess.

    I keep telling myself that even with what we have lost, we have alot more than they do. A beautiful new house, MUCH nicer personalities and better karma coming our way LOL.

    Here is a few pics of the new place – some from the agent and some we took.

    New House Album


    I’m with you Dobly… That’s exactly what I would of done!! The police would’ve taken some time to get there and with the adrenaline pumping most of the stuff would of been “outa there”…

    The police being present might of calmed the situation after all it is your stuff….

    What about checking with your solicitor about the agent being in the wrong…. Might be an avenue….

    Never settle both properties on the same day…. Even if you have to pay removalists extra to store overnight or you have to hire the removal van an extra night…. Karma can be a bitch!! 😀


    Love the new digs… No worries about disappearing coastlines up there…. :tup:


    wonder no one has told u to suck it up..ellice lmao


    Have you rung the Principal of the real estate agency and told him what happened and maybe a call to the REIQ might help…

    Then there is always the media…. :shrug:


    Bit harsh there Stark, settle down.

    Leecy, my sympathies.

    I found myself in a similar situation some time ago, only a small $$ value and so not worth legal action, but the principal irked me. I popped along to the Police and told my story. Sadly, although they sympathised with my plight, and had quite definite “views” on the perp, the situation was outside their jurisdiction and so could not be of any immediate help.

    However, they did go out of their way to research said perp looking for any excuse they could find to “pay them a visit”.

    Just a thought.



    woz ellice knows exactly what was meant and will get joke:kiss:

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    While the law may be on her side it is morally wrong that she has acted in this way, and the agent should have been more accurate in the advice she gave. I suggest you do have a conversation with your lawyers and explore your options. I am sure if he were to write to the principal of the real estate agency and advice them that his/her staff was providing improper advice then things will sort themselves out fairly rapidly. The agent was employed by you to do a job, not by the purchaser, so they should be acting in your interests. And this includes ensuring that any advice they provide is accurate and soundly based on the legal situation – clearly that was not the case in this instance. And whether or not it gets your stuff back they can be sued for loss of property based on their lack of professionalism. I am sure they are aware of that point, though they could argue that as you had signed the contract you should also be familiar with its terms and conditions.

    Sorry to have such a rotten start to what should be a happy new chapter in your lives …:hug:




    That really sucks!:@

    Can you claim any of it on your insurance? After all it was sort of stolen.:shrug:

    I’d try the media, even call a radio station and have a winge about it. Who knows, you might get the jerks to feel ashamed of their actions and hand the stuff back.

    But in the meantime I hope karma pays them a visit.:mad:

    BUT, your house and those views are amazing!


    we had similar circumstances here when we bought in Adelaide, was a deceased estate and the executor and sister where in Melb. We had agreed in contract a settlement date and then were later advised that they could not attend to clear out belongings from the shed until a few days after settlement. The agent is the mediator in this situation, they are the one’s you are paying big dollars to when selling to ensure all flows smoothly, in our instance we had the agent draft a letter that we and the sellers signed agreeing to handover of the house on settlement, the shed access was to be delayed a few days tp allow access and then keys handed over.

    It was a side agreement to the contract that did not involve solicitors so do not know how legal it all was, but at the end of the day it worked. Main point is that negotiating this stuff is the agents job!

    I would be writing to the agents with as much evidence as possible confirming their advice access would be OK after settlement, and requesting compensation. In our instance the agent was willing to cover costs for storage if the delay in accessing the shed meant we were out of pocket.

    It is worth trying as you have nothing to lose.


    Reading that made me feel so angry Leecy. :p Some people are just sh!#s. No, they’re not as useful as a sh!# even. May karma catch up with her threefold for that nasty, nasty attitude. :@

    On the bright side, that’s some house you’ve got there. Lovely! I hope you’ll be very happy there. :hug:


    Was it before noon on the day after settlement when you went to the house with the agent? This might be relevant if you choose to seek legal advice – I would.

    Those buyers sound like a dose of horse manure for their garden could be just what’s in order. A BIG dose. Anyone know any horses which will perform on demand?:lol::lol::lol:


    If that also applies to Qld, then it’s very good info Teacup. :clap:

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