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What's for dinner??

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    Had beef and bean burrittos tonight, pretty yummy and really easy.

    Made a huge batch and have enough to freeze for 2 more meals.:tup:


    I bought some celeriac for the first time and we are having it mashed with potato and pumpkin and it will accompany minced Dexter dry fried with slurps of various sauces and sprinkles of various herbs. (My kids call it crumbly mince.)

    When I googled celeriac I found that it was eaten in medieval times which made Martin happy as he is a medieval re-enactor. Dexter cattle were also eaten in medieval times. I could say I am doing medieval for tea! ha ha


    ooh ooh ooh

    we had bangers and mash last night, and i made the mash from turnips (something i heard on some cooking show) OH MY its a bit decadent. I dont know why I havent tried turnip like that before as i use it in soups and love it roasted


    the celeriac mash was yummy – how was the turnip mash goodness?


    HHMM I think sausage and veg for the boys tonight and I will have vege patty and the veg.

    Nice easy one for a Saturday


    Eggs and grilled tomatoes for breakfast.

    Tomato sandwiches for lunch.

    Homemade tomato soup for tea.

    Guess what we have a glut of in the garden.

    Hummer HumbugHummer

    Lucky you Willow… wish I had a glut of tomatoes right now, yummo!

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Willow, the only glut of tomatoes round here is the dozens of preserved jars of them.

    Speaking of bangers, we had “toad in the hole” the other night, with spuds, swede and brussels sprouts.

    Tonight I’m doing chow mein – Saturdays is always quick food – have to fit in dinner between Gardening Australia and Dr Who.


    We are having lamb rack, potatoes, and beans (in the crock pot) – seasoned with tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, herbs, grilled capsicum, garlic, etc. I bought a lamb roast a little while back and cut it into stir-fry and so forth, and this is the bit with the bone in the middle! It smells yum, so I sure hope it tastes yum!:D



    We are having eggs on toast, maybe a little bacon and grilled tomato, I will decide when it gets closer!! A big effort tonight!! :shy:


    I need motivation to get off my lazy backside and cook myself dinners. So, in the spirit of exciting myself (and maybe others who are having the same struggle with meal preparation energisation), I thought I’d revive an old thread … I thought there was an updated version but I can’t find it … What are you having for tea?

    Tonight, I enjoyed a piece of sea perch cooked with garlic, lemon juice, butter and home grown fennel. I baked it all in some alfoil for an unknown amount of time. Then I steamed garden-fresh broccoli. It was delicious, simple and healthy.

    What are you having for tea?

Viewing 11 posts - 46 through 56 (of 56 total)
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