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What's for dinner??

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    I am the world’s most unorganised person. 😐 Really!

    So……… in an ongoing effort to simplify my life and save a few $$, I’ve come to realise that one needs to be organised. :geek: To this end, I’ve decided I need to, for starters, plan a few meals. One of the things I really hate is when you get to the end of the day and still don’t know what to make for tea which causes me stress and often a ‘need’ to buy take-away. I hate take-away :rip: It’s coz I’m not organised. :rip:

    I’m starting this thread for inspiration. Not only for me but may be for others who are left wondering “What’s for dinner?” Even an organised person sometimes lacks inspiration when it comes to this daily chore.

    Lately I’ve been visiting when I need some ‘different’ ideas and it’s helped a lot. Last night I cooked some pork steaks, mashed potatoe & pumpking, green beans and shredded carrots. A simple meal but something I don’t normally cook. We rarely eat pork around here and I must admit we all enjoyed the change. This came about by just browsing for a recipe.

    Tonight I’m going to have Chicken Breasts with cheese sauce found at the above site.

    I’d love to share not only ideas but also some tried and true recipes. I’ve gotta work my way through the recipes we already have here at ALS. I’ll let you know when I try them.

    What are YOU having for dinner?


    good idea, Dot. It will help a lot of us. We’re having leftovers tonight. It’s the left over of a red salmon mornay I made last night. We’ve just dug up some nice looking kipfler potatoes so I’ll be cooking those up with a butter and shallot dressing, some backyard carrots and snow peas, both steamed. Dessert will be the remains of the cherry slice.


    We are having toasted sangers!!

    Tomato, onion and cheese for us oldies and just cheese for the 2 littlies!!

    No dessert as my pantry, fridge, stockpile and inclination are way down since being sick for nearly a month with the flu. I think the whole family (who all but one have had it as well) has had no real interest in food either…

    Lady BeeLady Bee

    Tonight, Bob’s cooking corned beef, garlic mashed potatoes, steamed cauliflower with white sauce (made with Penny’s milk :clap:) carrots and something green, but I don’t know what yet – probably beans.

    Dot, do you have a slow cooker? On days when I just know it’s going to be a rush toward the end, I’ll put on a pot roast, casserole or something in the slow cooker in the morning, and then when the mad rush is on, dinner’s already cooked, just needs some rice, noodles, couscous or similar to finish it off.

    Next time you are going for pork steaks, cook the pork, remove from the pan, deglaze the pan with a splodge of brandy (or apple scnapps if you’ve got it) and flame it, then add some seeded mustard and cream. Heat through and then pop the steaks back in to the pan and turn them to coat well. This is one of our favourite sauces with pork.

    For beef steak, similar process, but deglaze with brandy, then add tarragon mustard and worcestershire sauce.

    Who was it said “I like cooking with alcohol – sometimes I even put it in the food!”…


    I just found out that DH has to go out tonight with a rep from work :tdown: , so the kids and I are having what I was already cooking, lasagne with a small amount of mince, some bacon, onion, garlic, all the herbs 🙂 , beans, eggplant, zucchini, carrot. I really dislike tomatoes so I use commercial tom sauce (no real resemblance to toms 😉 ) The mince mix is cooking at the moment, 500g of mince in a 10L stock pot that is nearly overflowing with veggies :tup:

    This should provide meals for a few days 😀

    We will be having apple and strawberry pie for dessert with whipped cream. Dessert is something we don’t often do.


    Yum – you guys are making me hungry just reading these posts. Tonight we will be great as everything will have come from here. I love it when we can do that (which is getting more and more often now). Roast Pork , Garlic, Potatoes and Pumpkin – steamed Spinach, Carrots and beetroot. Probably won’t do desert tonight though. Tomorrw’s lunch will be sandwiches with any left over pork.


    A bitsnpieces night here tonight, considering there are a number of leftovers in the fridge and only three of us at home for a change.

    Great one, mauzi – it will be nice when most of what we eat is from our own garden again. At the moment we’re eating lots of roast vegies and out of those, all we can supply ourselves are carrots, pumpkin, silverbeet and onions. We haven’t any potatoes left, and the tomatoes are amazingly still hanging on, despite the frosts and being unprotected.

    Barb, we did corned beef and mashed potato the other evening – yummo. Hubby takes the cold meat for smoko.

    Myself and one son are going back to a mostly vegan eating plan for a while – we do miss meat at times, but feel a whole heap healthier without it, or cheese, and cooking in fat.



    Chilli night here tonight. Chilli sausages for the boys and since I have given up meat mine is Chilli lentil patties and stewed chilli, tomato and onion

    I have the dreaded winter bug and so does #1 son so this will fix it.


    Yet another slow cooker caserole here: Italian sausage casserole. Organic chicken sausages, chopped onion, garlic and capsicums in a sauce of diced tomatoes, tomato paste, red wine and italian herbs. Smells goooood :tup:


    Roast chicken here this evening. I am forced to be a bit more organised with meals by having all of our meat delivered frozen. I need to get some out the night before to let it defrost in the fridge. This usually leaves me most of the next day to think about what I am going to do with it! Must admit I’m feeling a little bit funny about tonight’s chook since we got our first chicken pets yesterday afternoon :confused: 😆

    When I’m stuck I like minor variations of plain meat and three veg kind of affairs. I cook steaks with wholegrain mustard spread on both sides to make a mustard crust. I marinate chicken pieces in wholegrain mustard, honey and soy sauce, pan fry, then slice them in to strips (beautiful with red onion and tomatoes roasted in brown sugar and balsamic vinegar).


    Prawn Pad Thai here tonight and I put some left over chicken from last night in there as well. Very nice. 🙂


    Next time you are going for pork steaks, cook the pork, remove from the pan, deglaze the pan with a splodge of brandy (or apple scnapps if you’ve got it) and flame it, then add some seeded mustard and cream. Heat through and then pop the steaks back in to the pan and turn them to coat well. This is one of our favourite sauces with pork

    Mmmmm…we have heaps of steaks in the freezer ATM…I will be trying this one…thanks Barb.

    2nite we had fried rice with leftover rice, our own bacon and eggs, veg and sauces…twas delish.


    We had home made veggie soup and toast, We are vegetarians so we won’t touch any red meats. Still leaves us a great list of things to eat.



    We had lime chilli chicken wings with cauli, beans, potatoes and mushrooms


    We had Lentil & tomato chilli (like dahl), on basmati rice. Best way (well nearly 😉 )to warm up on a cold night!

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