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What you never want to live thru but we did.(UPDATED)

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    :hug: My thoughts are with you all, I’m with Wonbat, what everybody else said.

    Happy Christmas to your family,



    What they all said. I’m so sorry you all had to go through that :hug: My daughter turned 9 a fortnight after Miss 9, so it really does make you realise how lucky some of us are.


    I hope all is well, it is easier to be Ill ourselves than to see our children or grandchildren suffer. The little girl is so blessed to have such a supportive family. Best wishes to you all.


    🙂 Thankyou for all your good wishes and loving support. Its like old friends talking to me,its been ages since I have been on.Christmas will be a great even if we do tone it down slightly both mum and I just don’t have the energy to do a lot.Cold meats and fancy salads this year under a huge nut tree on their acre,so I hope its not too hot. They are actually due home 15th so the girls and I decorated the christmas tree ready. Merry Christmas to you all and be safe.



    :hug: :hug: :hug:

    I hope alls well with you little grandaughter and her future is bright. :kiss:


    Just wanted to let everyone know that Miss 9 is doing well and this term attending a full day at school 3 times a week, one half day and one day off.

    She is a little behind in her maths but I am sure she will catch up. The Drs. are very pleased with the results. On top of everything she cracked a bone in her arm showing off to the physio people trying to get back to school for full days but the arm is out of the cast now.

    The really good news (i think ) is mum and dad unexpectedly, are going to have twins one boy and one girl. I am very excited as the youngest is going to school next year and I will miss her. We now only spend Fridays together. Our eldest son, now that he is over the shock, is also very excited as he finally gets a boy to play with. Both parents are one of 5 and I keep telling them I am their best asset lol :laugh: At least the other 3 girls will be all at school next year. Twins are due anytime after the long weekend in June. Of course if mum goes back to work I get them yeah :hug: :hug: :hug:


    So pleased to hear that your granddaughter is doing so well! What a relief for your family!

    And congratulations! I wouldn’t wish twins on any busy mum, but it sounds like they’ll have lots of help! Sometimes these things happen when you least expect it 🙂


    I’m very happy too hear Miss 9 is doing so well.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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