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What you never want to live thru but we did.(UPDATED)

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    🙂 We got a call from mum to say to pick Miss 8 up from school she had been sick. It was 2.40 the bell was about to go but it wasn’t unusual thing as we mind the girls 3,8 10 four days a week.It took longer than usual be Grandpa turned up at home at 3.20, Carrying Miss 8 in his arms, and Miss 10 following. We put he on the couch and I put a wet cloth on her face as all she kept saying was “Me Dizzy” then fading out for a while, I asked her about headaches thinking it was an extreme migraine. It hurt on her forehead. Suddenly “Me go Toilet” and Grandpa picked her up as she had extreme diarrhea.I told her to sit there for a minute and got”Me off toilet NOW Grandma” in the strangest voice like out of exorcist. At that stage I said to Grandpa go ring the ambulance. We got her into a beanbag that happened to be near the front door as Miss 8 was due at a party that night. I changed her clothing and we rang the ambulance it was 3.30.

    The girl on the phone kept wanting to know when her breath was coming so we were concentrating on “now” everytime she breathed by now she was unconcious. We changed her off the beanbag to the floor as the lady on the phone said we may have to do mouth to mouth. So in recovery position we went. I was shaking so hard and kept asking when the ambulance was coming. Its coming with bells ringing. Mind you we are five minutes from the hospital. but wait we did.

    Dad arrived at this stage and I gave him the phone to do the breathing thing while Grandpa went and moved the car for the ambulance, then I moved Miss 10 and Miss 3 into the lounge to watch tele. Last thing I wanted was them watching Miss 8 fading from our lives.

    Finally the ambulance arrived at 3.50. It felt like hours. Straight away put a tube down her neck asked if she had been hit on the head when she fainted at school. No, thought the gurgling in her throat was when she was sick it had got into her lungs but her heart beat was good.

    Mum turned up just after she was put into the ambulance and burst into tears.So with what strength I had left consoled her and off to hospital the all went.


    What exactly was that Kasalia ? :dry:


    Is your grand-daughter ok now Kasalia?

    Love and hugs to your family and you of course. I hope the little girl is beginning to improve or at least is being treated in the hospital.

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Sorry Humbug I was on my Ipad and it messed things up.

    So Stage two

    They were all greeted at the hospital and Miss 8 was put immediately into an induced coma. A Neurology expert from Westmead Childrens Hospital comes up one day a month greeted her and immediatly did that and had every MRI known to man done and warned the parents that she may not survive.Miss 8 had bleeding on the brain caused by an AVM (look that up0 she was born with it and would have happened sometime in her life. She and mum were flown by Helicopter to Newcastle John Hunter, Apparently she was supposed to go to Westmead but they were full. Our Son came home at 9pm we fed him and he was in great distress from the shock. Grandpa drove him down to Newcastle and he remarked he probably would have had an accident if he had done it on his own.

    Miss 8 turned 9 Saturday 27th. October and two days were spent at John Hunter then off to Westmead as the parents werent very happy with what was happening, just before Miss 8 was flown down a pressure valve was put into her head to relieve the pressure that had developed in her brain and flying would have killed her.

    So off to Westmead they went. Mum and Miss 8 were greeted by Son no 2 who took over the whole show and organized everyone, being one step back a great relief believe me.

    We got new report every hour by SMS.

    He had left work and driven an hr to beat the helicopter.

    So there we were in ICU at Westmead childrens hospital Mum and Dad had a bed there.

    Grandpa stayed with No 2 son in Hornsby when needed and a 24 hr. watch was set up with the family.I was at home with the other two girls staying positive and happy for them.

    Miss 8 was in a coma for two weeks


    Thankyou Bobbee yes she is ok.

    Stage 3

    At day 11 she had her operation which was supposed to be 5 hrs and lasted 2.She had a golf ball size removed from her cerebral cortex which affected her motor skills and balance. Lucky we have three areas that teach that. I remember it was Tuesday and I burst in to tears when told up until then I had been ok. I had to ring my neighbour to come over as both girls were home, I couldnt stop. My neighbour gave me three glass of wine to stop me LOL.

    When now Miss 9 woke up she remember everything. Now 6 weeks later she has learnt to walk, talk. balance and due home this weekend. Her strength has been amazing. She will still need therapy, but everything will be ok. We skype regularly with the girls and we went and visted her 5 days after she woke up. They nearly lost her twice but this girl is amazing.

    I am exhausted minding two girls and dad is not my usual agenda all day and night, but it was much easier to run one household. In the meantime I have also organized the other household as mum left on a Friday afternoon with everything a working mum does left to do on a weekend. One big mess.

    I just want to say the first symptoms were classic stroke symptoms learn them they may help you one day.


    wow :hug:

    glad the end was a good outcome.

    Lady Bee

    My goodness what a trial you’ve all had. My best wishes to your family, but particularly to little Miss 9 who needs it most.

    Take care of yourselves and hug each other every day.


    Oh Kassalia, how scared you must have been but how brave you were to keep things positive for the other 2 girls. I’m so glad your grand-daughter is ok now and the whole family is back together. I’ll be keeping you all in my prayers.


    goodness, so glad everything is ok now


    Oh Kasalia. I have a Miss 9 and was in tears reading your story. How scary. What a rock you must have been for your daughter during this time. So glad to hear she pulled through. Wishing her a speedy recovery :hug: :hug:


    So glad to hear the positive outcome, what a strong little girl. :hug:

    Families are fantastic in times of stress, we are lucky enough to have such a family and you do too. Well done at getting each other through such a difficult and traumatic time. I hope all stays well in the future.

    Bet you have the best Christmas ever.

    :hug: :hug: :hug:


    Blessed little angel. I’m so glad this turned out to be a happy ending. I knew a young girl who experienced something similar and died. Very heart wrenching. No-one wants to see that happen to a beloved child. I cried as I had a daughter of similar age, it seemed so unfair for someone else to have to lose a child.

    It’s lovely to read of one, who lived to smile another day. 🙂 Oh the courage I imagine you had to have.



    :hug: What everyone else said!



    Thank goodness that all has ended well, I too am in tears.

    i lost my Grandson after a 10 year battle with cancer.


    So glad she is doing well and hopefully she is home again now and you can all strive to go back to your quiet lives. She sounds like a fighter 🙂

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