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What You Cooking For Dinner Tonight?

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    Stephanie – sounds great :tup:

    Tonight I’m having left over pork belly rashers with apples. Will be eating with a dutch dish of mashed potatoes, carrots and onions and served with home made apple sauce.

    Just waiting for the mash to cook.


    Mangrove Jack and Grunter bream that we caught on the jetty last night:tup:


    Oh YUMMO RTB!!!!!!

    I am jealous. Mangrove Jack are delici-arse


    Sigh, I’ve been dreaming of making more home-made pasta too! There is really nothing to compare to eating fresh noodles.

    Tonight I was at a loss. One DS wanted pasta, so I fried some bacon, tossed in some pine nuts and a good bunch of snow peas. Mixed with penne noodles, some milk and parmesan, it made a really nice meal! As it was coming together, he was kind enough to comment: “If it all sounds good together, it’s probably going to taste good, mum!” And it did!

    Yum. Just have to get motivated to make a quick salad now to really finish it off. Which reminds me … off to start a new thread!


    Pizza from the local takeaway,:noapprove: I’m tired and couldn’t be bothered cooking the chicken, honey, soy and ginger stirfry with steamed mixed veg. That can wait till tomorrow night.:sleep:


    Herbman will you stop talking about that pork belly – it makes me envious. Don’t stop eating it, just stop making me hungry!!!



    I noticed one of the pumpkins with a soft patch – it had started to go bad:rip:SO we chopped up the rest of it and made pumpkin soup – however I still made 2 pizzas cos the boys were so looking forward to pizza but I only made one for the other 5 of us to share – cos we had a tummy full of the soup with croutons.

    Soup analysis was –

    Pumpkin – home grown

    Fennel – home grown

    chilli – home grown

    shallots – RTB grew them:shy:

    nutmeg and garlic – shop

    coconut cream – supplied by wwoofers:tup:

    croutons -made from left over buns from another meal and they were purchased at reduced price and we have had 3 meals from them already before:clap:

    We followed this with a glass each of mulberry liqueur (I made it) then later a cup of coffee (also home grown and roasted just today:tup:)

    We deserve a pat on the back:tup::clap: for that little effort:D


    Narelleh – Wow! Impressive :clap: Can I come live with you for a few days? I like good food and sounds like you know how to make it.

    Sorry Lorraine – Did I mention that we’re having the pork belly hot pot tonight for dinner because DW is actually home (I saved it from the other night). Sorry – won’t mention pork belly again 😆 🙂


    Bubble and squeek [the weekends leftovers]


    It really is a very satisfying feeling to provide most of your meals from your own efforts Narelleh…………….well done:hug:


    Yeah Herbman – anytime – so long as you help us out with the jobs that need an extra adult hand or more time than we have spare to do them extra jobs

    Tonight we had pasta and a creamy sauce (I am trying to avoid tomatoes cos of the gout) But I used our own shallots and dried oregano and basil in it:tup:

    another friend caught 2 grunter off the pier the same evening RTB:jawdrop: but you can keep them:rip:


    Narelle, Would U please consider posting your recipe for that Mulberry Liquer.It sounds devine. TIA:hug:


    Tonight I’m making pho- Vietnamese Beef and Noodle soup. I’ve got my stock on (a combination of store bought stock with more spices), now I just have to get some vermicelli noodles ready, and fill my bowls with noodles, herbs (basil, mint and vietnamese mint today), chillies and lettuce and spinach from the garden. The you slice the beef paper thin, and put that on top of the salad and spoon the hot stock over the top- it cooks the beef to a beautiful tenderness.

    Probably one of my all-time favourite meals!


    I just remembered that I bought a quarter of a pumpkin and a sweet potato. So I am planning to make pumpkin and sweet potato soup to feed myself on for the next few days. Any decent recipes out there? Or should I just cook them and mash them with some stock?


    tonight we had a creamy mushroom sauce (that tastes divine and whips up in less than 10 min with spiral pasta. Its my favourite sunday i-have-no-idea-what-to-feed-everyone dinner and is super fast, super easy and tastes great!:tup:

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 186 total)
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